Committee 2014-2015

DCSSA Committee Members 2014-2015


Jun Wang, President

I’m a Ph.D candidate in pharmacology and cancer biology. I enjoy going to new places and meeting new friends, and I like seeing myself growing and changing every single day.


Yuzhang Han, Vice President


Binbin Li, Vice President

Hi, I am Binbin Li, Vice President, in charge of Alumni Affairs. I am a third-year PhD student in the Nicholas School of the Environment, studying conservation issues in China. I got my M.S from University of Michigan and her B.S. from Peking University. Love travel, photography, salsa and blues dancing!


Zijian Zhou, Vice President


Mengyang Chong, Secretary

Hi, I am Mengyang. I study in the Department of Pharmacology and Cancer Biology.


Yi Ding, Treasurer

Hi, I am Yi Ding, currently the treasurer of DCSSA. Contact me if you have any reimbursement issue. I say the DCSSA is a great organization to join if you want to make more friends, hold fantastic events or contribute to serve the Chinese community. Come and be part of us!


Yufei Li, HR, Director

Hi, everybody! I am Yufei Li, a master student at Nicholas School of the Environment, serving as the HR director in 2014-2015 academic year. In my spare time, I enjoy swimming, watching movies and hanging out with my DCSSA fellows! I wish you can feel the same way and enjoy your life every day.


Zhaorong Tian, HR

Hi, I am Daisy Tian, a master student of Economics.


Jingjing Wang, Business Development, Director


Lisa Yao Liu, Business Development

Hi, I am Lisa Yao Liu, an economics master’s student at Duke University. Very nice to meet you!


Mingyuan Hua, Publicity & Business Development


Shangru Huang, Publicity, Director


Jiahong Liu, Publicity, Director

I am Jiahong Liu majored in environmental management at Duke University. Widespread hobbies and thirst of novelty are always in my blood. I believe good propaganda is not notification, but spreading happiness with creative concepts. And I am trying to do my work this way.


Serene Hu, Publicity

Hi, I am a first-year PhD candidate in Molecular Genetics and Microbiology. Love hiking at National/State parks and trying out new food places.


Xiaodong Zhai, Publicity

Hi, I am Xiaodong. I am a student in Master of Science in Economics and Computation, Class of 2016.


Shengjie Xu, Recreation, Director

Hi, I’m Shengjie. I’m a PhD student in the department of Immunology. I’m in charge of the recreation activities in DCSSA during year 2014-2015. I enjoy organizing various events to promote Chinese culture on campus and also serve the greater Chinese community in Duke. Hope our events will bring fun to your spare time at Duke!


Xiangyu Zhang, Recreation & Publicity

I am the first year student in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I like facing the challenge and trying the new things. The heavy work can not prevent me from the football pitch!


Junyi Zhang, International Affairs, Director


Tianlin Duan, Recreation & International

Hi, I am a first-year undergraduate student interested in studying Statistics and Decision Science. I am from Beijing, China, and I love dancing, traveling, eating and cooking.


Tianye Ma, Sports, Director

In the lab, I design antennas for  the connection between circuits. In DCSSA, I collaborate with my friends for the connection between Chinese students. I am Tianye Ma, a second-year PhD student in electrical engineering. In DCSSA, I am in charge of sport events.


Yajuan (Viola) Duan, Career, Director

Hi, I am Viola. I study in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering.


Heng (Victor) Ye, Career

I have a wide intension span. While studying, I often find myself streaming videos and trading stocks. These distractions actually make me more focused on studying. Similarly, I believe extracurricular activities only helps academic performance, thus everyone should actively involve in student organizations, no exceptions.


Yijie Zhuang, Career


Ling Li, Career


Fangjian (Richard) Guo, IT, Director

Hi, I study how computers learn and infer. I am a big fan of folk rock and also the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I wrote an SMS vote system used at DCSSA.


Xi Chen, IT


Hong Jin, IT

My name is Hong Jin and I work in the IT department of DCSSA. I graduated from Wuhan University and now I am a MS student majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Duke. My hobbies are playing basketball and watching NBA.

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