COEE and DCI scientists, in partnership with community partners and members, are actively engaged in research examining, monitoring and addressing the multiple causes of cancer disparities. These research studies are aimed at reducing the burden of cancer in communities in our catchment area and beyond.

North Carolina ranks 21st in cancer deaths nationwide, with approximately 20,000 North Carolinians dying of cancer each year. There are complex sets of factors that contribute to this statistic. For instance, North Carolina ranks 38th in HPV vaccination, 38th in smoking, and 44th in avoiding care due to cost. The burden of cancer is also distributed unequally across the State, with certain demographic groups more likely to develop and die from cancer than others. At DCI, the NCCN Distress Thermometer survey is administered at every visit to patients to help identify patient needs. This information is used to tailor support and navigation services to meet various patient needs, including practical (e.g., transportation, food insecurity, housing, childcare), emotional (e.g., fear, nervousness, worry), and physical problems (e.g., fatigue, pain, nausea) 

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