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Downloadable forms and documents: Community Health Activity Request Form  CHA program description How to access the “Community Health Engagement Training”:

If you are a member of the Duke community: 1. Go to Duke LMS 2. Log in with your net ID & password to register 3. Type “Community” in the upper right hand search bar 4. Select “Community Health Engagement Training” 5. Click Register

If you are NOT a member of the Duke Community: 1. Log onto the external Duke/public access link here 2. For research projects go to the IRB site or use this link How to access the “Foundational Training”: To access the Foundational training you may visit our page here, or follow the following instructions: 1. Go to Duke LMS site and search for the offering ID : 00169473 2. The following course details will be made available : Name: Duke Cancer Institute COEE Foundational Training: Duke Hospital and Durham History Course ID: COEE_HISTORY_03072022 Offering ID: 00169473 3. Click “Register” underneath the course details to register for the course. The course will then be added for you to complete under ‘My learning’ Click here to directly access the registration deeplink for the COEE Foundational Training course.