Med-Peds Interest Group

The Med-Peds Interest Group is a student-run Duke University School of Medicine organization aimed at increasing the awareness of the combined Internal Medicine-Pediatrics specialty. Our group was established in Spring of 2015 to encourage more Duke Med students to seek this unique training in order to care for two populations of patients with advanced training in two specialties, by completing two residency programs. We hold several events throughout the year that vary from social events to information sessions open to medical students at every level of their training.

Upcoming Events 2018-2019:

  • Palliative and End-of-Life Care: October 16th 2018, 5:30-7:00pm TSCHE Classroom 3
  • Transgender Medicine: Spring 2019 – Join us for a discussion on transgender medicine, and learn about how best to discuss and support your transgender patients! Date TBD.
  • Transitions of Care: Spring 2019 – Come learn about the challengers, barriers, and success stories with transitioning care for pediatric patients to adult care! A small pocketbook guide will be provided with helpful resources needed to work with your tween, teenage, and young adult populations! Date TBD.
  • Resident Q&A panel: Spring 2019 – Join us again this spring for our annual informal session with DukeMed Med-Peds trained fellows, current residents, and recently matched Duke medical student about their decision to pursue a MedPeds Career.
  • Mentoring Program with Med-Peds Residents and Faculty: Look out for emails from us about the new mentoring program we will be starting! Students potentially interested in pursuing a Med-Peds residency will be paired with Med-Peds residents or faculty from the wonderful Med-Peds community at Duke.

Past Events

Annual Kick-off Event (2015-2018): Wine and Cheese Social – We hosted our fourth annual wine and cheese social in August 2018, and it was a great success! Students are invited to attend a social with DukeMed faculty who are MedPeds trained. They are encouraged to talk with faculty in attendance about their personal lives and their career in medicine. This event also allows students to ask questions to better understand the applicability of a MedPeds training in a career in medicine and get advice from them about making the choice of pursuing a MedPeds career.

Annual Why Med Peds? (2016-2018): We hosted our annual Spring informal session with a panel of DukeMed Med-Peds trained fellows, current residents, and recently matched Duke medical students about their decision to pursue a MedPeds Career.

Transgender Medicine (2018): We were really fortunate to host a transgender medicine event in March 2018 with Dr. Deanna Adkins (Pediatric Endocrinologist, Duke Child and Adolescent Gender Care Clinic), Kristen Russell, MSW, LCSW (Duke Child and Adolescent Gender Care Clinic), and Blaine Hall, BS, MHS-CL, PA-C, DFAAPA (Adult Gender Medicine Clinic, Department of Medicine, Division of Endocrinology, and author). These compassionate individuals care for transgender children and adults, and we were honored to have them share their stories and answer questions from the audience in an informal Q&A setting. We can’t wait to host this event again this upcoming year.

Palliative and End-of-Life Care – Pediatrics vs. Adult Medicine (2016-2017): We had such a fantastic turn-out at this event in 2017 that we will be hosting it again in October 2018! Our previous panels included Dr. Ray Barfield (Director, Pediatric Quality of Life Program, Professor of Divinity, and Writer/Novelist), Dr. Megan Jordan (Attending, Palliative Care (Medicine) and Pediatric Quality of Life), and Dr. Kristin Meade (Attending, Palliative Care and Pediatric Quality of Life), Dr. Robin Turner (Attending, Medical Director of Duke HomeCare and Hospice), Dr. Amy Lee (Duke Fellow in Palliative Care who just completed her Med-Peds residency at Duke), and Dr. Margarita Bidegain (Attending, Prenatal and Neonatal Palliative Medicine) who shared their stories and insight into the field of palliative care from both pediatric and adult perspectives. This event generated a lot of interest from med students of all classes, along with some residents and faculty, and it was held in the Learning Hall to accommodate everyone. We can’t wait to host this event this upcoming year! Our 2018 panel will include inlcuded Dr. Ray Barfield, Dr. Amy Lee, Dr. Megan Jordan and Dr. Robin Turner.

Panel Event – Transitions of Care (2015): We co-hosted a panel discussion with the Pediatric Interest group focused on adolescent medicine and transitioning pediatric patients into adult primary care health care. Drs. Richard Chung and Gary Maslow did a great job using an open forum discussion format to discuss the difficulties and intricacies of transition medicine.

Officer Selection: Interested persons should contact any of our current president and executive committee about leading the Med-Peds Interest Group this next coming school year. Open positions include: President (2 Co-Presidents) and Treasurer. Feel free to contact us for more information about these roles.

Why Med-Peds?

  • Four years of training that is rigorous but humane; gives added maturity to your career.
  • It’s the perfect double major specialty that allows physicians to comfortably and competently serve a range of age groups in both an in- and outpatient setting.
  • Med-Peds graduates have an expanded skill and develop a unique perspective regarding patient care that will enhance the care they are able to provide their patients.
  • You can choose from primary care, hospital care and subspecialty care or some combination, and be able to tailor your practices to what the community, individual and your needs are.

For more information about this unique specialty visit the National MedPeds Residents’ Association by clicking the following link: