Duke Med Elementary 4th Grade Program (DME4)

The Duke Med Elementary 4th Grade Program (DME4) is a student-run organization that provides Durham 4th graders with extra-curricular opportunities for STEM education, with the aim to increase the interest and presence of Durham students in the medical sciences. Our “Medical Conferences” have the purpose of teaching 4th graders about medical sciences, relating what they learn to daily life and encouraging the kids to pursue further science learning. Below is a specific list of our goals and approaches that we will use to achieve these goals:

  1. Education Goal: We focus our events around science subjects that the children have been introduced to in their 4th grade curriculum. We use material that supplement their curriculum, and goes in to more detail than their 4th grade classes. At the beginning and end of the event, we administer a short “quiz” for each student to assess the effectiveness of our program.
  2. Activity Goal: We have planned interactive activities, including building a model lung system, asthma tag, real sheep brain exploration and neuron building, all of which will show the children that learning about science is interesting and fun. We also use these activities to teach about pathology in these systems, including the effects of smoking on lungs and drugs on the brain.
  3. Long-Term Goal: Over time, we will accumulate information about the effectiveness of our teaching through the pre- and post-tests. We will obtain feedback from the volunteers and teachers to further optimize the learning experience. Ideally, this data will support further funding of our program. Overall, we hope that DME4 will dissolve the STEM education gap in Durham.

Leadership Positions
Co-Presidents: Jenna Frush, Cierra Hong
Treasurer- Kelsey Corrigan
Community Liaison- Emily Lydon
Education Coordinator- Aaron Hein