Student Organizations

Duke Medical students have organized dozens of student groups that serve academic, social, cultural and service-oriented missions. The groups are entirely student run and are funded each semester by the Davison Council’s budget committee. The following is an alphabetical list of the groups run by medical students.

Group Name


Advanced Anatomy Interest Group

President: Harrison Ferlauto
Other Student Leaders: Nick Drysdale and Todd Fleming

Aesculapian – Duke Med Yearbook

President: Westin Tom
Treasurer: M Hassan Alkazemi

American Medical Association (AMA)

President: Olayode Babatunde
Treasurer: Sarah Alkilany
Other Student Leaders: Shan McBurney-Lin

American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA)

President(s):  Leslie Chang & Shan McBurney-Lin,
Treasurer: Lauren Pontius,
Other Student Leaders: Savannah HarshbargerMary Elizabeth McLaughlin

Anesthesiology Interest Group

Co-chairs: Benjamin AndrewReed Kamyszek
Secretary: Justine McKittrick,

Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association (APAMSA)

President: James Tian,
Treasurer: George Tran,
Other Student Leaders: Tiffany Dong

Association of Women Surgeons (AWS)

President: Tracy Cheng
Treasurer: Ashley Choi
Other Student Leaders: Doreen Chang, Stephanie Pagliuci, Shan McBurney-Lin

Careers in Medicine Interest Group (CIMIGro)

Student Leadership: Jessie Narloch,
Nathaniel Harris, Josh Rivenbark, Aman Kansal, Neha Kayastha, Tiffany Dong

Christian Medical and Dental Association (CMDA)

President: Jeffery Kwock,
Other Contact Information:,

College Athletes in Medicine (CAIM)

Student Leaders: Nnamdi Amilo, Shannon Erikkson, Elizabeth Howell, Joshua Helmkamp

Dermatology Interest Group (DIG)

Presidents: Nicole Leung & Jeff Kwock
Treasurer: Chelsea Handfield, Dayoung Ko

Duke Interdisciplinary Social Innovators (DISI)

President: Teilo Schaller,
Treasurer: Shantanu Sharma

Duke Institute for Healthcare Improvement Open School Chapter

President(s):  Allison Kratka & Kristian Becker
Treasurer: Gireesh Reddy
Other Student Leaders: Nathan Brajer, Aman Kansal, Anthony Lin, Lauren Groskaufmanis

Duke Med Ambassadors

Student Leaders: Hanna Kemeny

Our group leads all interview tours for prospective medical students throughout the year; works and volunteers with the Medical Alumni meetings in the Fall and Spring; participate and organizes events with Medical Alumni in the community and during the Alumni weekend; leads tours during Medical Family Weekend; provides private tours for special visitors to Duke’s campus

Duke Med Dance

President: Megan Kelly
Treasurer: Jania Ramos

Duke Med Elementary (DME)

President: Jenna Armstrong
Community Liaison: Jackie Zhu
Treasurer: Carmen Kloer
Research Coordinator: Justine McKittrick
Volunteer Coordinator: Rafeal Baker
Curriculum Coordinators: Rishi Subrahmanyan & Best Uchehara

Duke Med Elementary 4th Grade Program (DME4)

Co-Presidents: Jenna Frush, Cierra Hong
Treasurer- Kelsey Corrigan
Community Liaison- Emily Lydon
Education Coordinator- Aaron Hein

Duke Med Interfaith

President: Safa Kaleem
Treasurer: Caitlin Marks

Duke Med Peer Support (DuMPS)

President: Valentine Esposito
Treasurer: Maya Talbott
Steve Castellano
Other Student Leaders: Priscille Schettini

Duke Med Voices

President: Rui Dai
Treasurer: Tammy Hsu
Other Student Leaders: Ashley Adams
Contact Information:

DukeMed Voices is the student-run literary magazine that publishes creative expressions of students and individuals in the Duke medical community. In the past, DukeMed Voices has published articles, essays, short stories, poetry, photography, and drawings. A wide range of topics are encouraged, ranging from global health, medical ethics, med student experiences, abstract poems, nature photos, and others. Any experience that relates to your life within the medical community, whether direct or indirect, can be represented creatively in the publication.
Publications for Fall and Spring semester

Duke Medical Mentorship Advisory Program (Duke MAP)

President: Aman Kansal
Treasurer: James Tian 
Other Student Leaders: Zachary Smothers

Duke Navigators Project (DNP)

President: Nicole Dalal
Treasurer: Aaron Tarnasky,
Other Student Leaders: Chloe Peters, Cosette DeChant, Leonid Aksenov, Emily Lydon

Series of workshops on end-of-life care

Duke Science Review

President: Shree Bose, Celia Reynolds
Treasurer: Celia Reynolds
Other Student Leaders: Brittany Campbell

Annual student produced publication showcasing the research and innovation of Duke scientists

Duke Med Pride

President: Rheaya Willis
Treasurer: James Giarraputo
Other Student Leaders: James Powers, Maria Gomez-Carraballo, Kirsten Simmons, Will Pohlman, Drew Coleman

DukeMed Pride is a student-led group consisting of LGBTQ and allied students within the Duke University School of Medicine (DUSOM). DukeMed Pride works to address the healthcare issues of sexual and gender diverse peoples with a cohesive and holistic approach
Our mission is to provide a supportive environment for LGBTQ students and their allies. We further work to promote the visibility of the LGBTQA community within the School of Medicine and Duke Health, and host events that allow our peers to learn about healthcare issues relevant to LGBTQ patients.

Emergency Medicine Interest Group

President(s): Abby Johnston & Phil Tseng

ENT Interest Group

President: Tracy Cheng
Treasurer: Madelyn Stevens
Other Student Leaders: Kirin Khan, Banafsheh Sharif-Askary

Family Medicine Interest Group

Co-President: Sarah Nullmeyer, MS4
Co-President: Brooke Evans, MS3+ (additional research year)
Development Chair: Rebecca Fabbro, MS3
Membership Chair: Tichelle Porch, MS2
Service Chair: Peter Callejo-Black, MS4
Treasurer: Colette Whitney, MS3
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Lamercie Saint-Hilaire,

Fremont Clinic

President: Allison Bloom & Lloyd Zhao
Treasurer: Jennifer Jenks & James Tian
Other Student Leaders: Tammy Hsu

Organized monthly visits to the Fremont Clinic in Fremont, NC, where students helped to provide free medical services under the guidance of Dr. Margolis

General Surgery Interest Group (GSIG)

President: Justin Rucker & Hanna Kemeny
Treasurer: Kyle Freischlag
Other Student Leaders: Doreen Chang, Maya Talbott, Reed Kamyszek, Kevin Ji,
Shan McBurney-Lin

Geriatrics Interest Group

President: Michael Kaplan
Treasurer: Michael Hochman
Other Student Leaders: Allen WangMaggie Coates

Global Health Interest Group (GHIG)

Coordinator: Jenna Armstrong
Treasurer: Jonathan Giuliano
Speaker Chairs: Sara Grundy & Daniel Evans
Social Chair: Justine McKittrick

Hand 2 Hold

President: Sneha Rao, Matt Lyes,
Treasurer: Sneha Rao

Health, Advocacy, and Readiness for Teens (HART)

President: Banafsheh (Bean) Sharif-Askary Alex Paul
Other Student Leaders: James HelzbergSupriya DavisLindsey Olivere,

Healthcare Law Interest Group

President: Charles Puza
Other Student Leaders: Remi Ojo

HEY Durham

President: Visakha Suresh,
Other Student Leaders: Brittany Campbell

HEY Durham hosts once-a-week health classes at the Durham School of the Arts for 9-12th grades throughout the Spring Semester.

History of Medicine Interest Group

President: Vinay Giri &  Alexander Hish 
Treasurer: Raeann Whitney
Other Student Leaders: Dami Aladesanmi
Faculty Contact Information: Jeffrey Baker, MD

Jewish Medical Student Association

President: Nathan Hirschman
VP-Treasury: Michael Bergen
VP-Social: Matthew Gold
VP-Communications: Rachel Tobin

Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA)

President: Tony Fuller
Other Student Leaders: Alex Antonia, Jania Arcia-Ramos,
Diego Galan Donlo, Charis Spears, Maria Gomez-Carballo

Major Groove

President: Meredith Achey
Treasurer: Karen Scherr
Other Student Leaders:
Bryanna Carpenter (Assistant Music Director) Rebecca Gibson (Outreach/Concert Coordinator) Rachel Draelos (Librarian)
Aaron Tarnasky (Tenor Section Leader)

Med-Peds Interest Group

Current President: Allison Bloom, MS4
Vice President: Clare Parker, MS4
Treasurer: Sandra Bocharnikov, MS3+
Co-Mentoring Chairs: Melissa Ross, MS3 & Tori Wickenheisser, MS3

Medical Chinese

President: Jennifer Chien
Treasurer: Chang Su
Other Student Leaders: Lucy Wan

Medical Engineering Interest Group (MEIG)

President: Nathan Brajer
Treasurer: Malhar Patel
Other Student Leaders: Anthony Lin, Sneha Rao

Medical Spanish

Student Leaders: Nina LiuAlan Zambeli-Ljepovic,

Coordinate weekly hour-long, one-on-one medical Spanish classes in both fall and spring semesters. Classes are open to all levels but spots are limited (preference given to MS1s). Classes are heavily subsidized and only cost $75 for the full semester (12 weeks), after which you receive a notation on your transcript.

Medical Students For Choice

Student Leaders: Maddy Caplan, Elizabeth Howell, Rebecca Vernon, Jenny Wu

Medical Students for Choice (MSFC) is a national organization comprised of medical students, residents, and physicians. The organization strives to highlight the importance of reproductive health and abortion care, as well as provide opportunities for proper medical student training in abortion practices. As members of Duke’s MSFC Chapter, we work closely with the Family Planning Department and MSFC Headquarters to plan and promote hands-on workshops, speakers events, and advocacy events. The organization also provides opportunities to attend the annual Family Planning Conference and apply for externships.


President: Jason Green
Treasurer: Ben Hook
Other Student Leaders: Keven Ji

The core of our service to the Durham County Youth Home (DCYH) is our lesson plan curriculum which is divided into the following three areas: Health Education, Wellness, and Career Learning. Lesson plans typically consist of an interactive didactic section followed by an activity. The lesson plans for each curricular area are listed below.
Health Education: Hypertension, Diabetes, Depression; Sexual Health; Drug & Alcohol Education
Wellness: Fitness & Nutrition; Emotional Wellness
Career Learning: Internal Medicine; Surgery; EMT/Paramedic; Nursing

MOMS (Maternal Opioid use Mediation and Support)

Student Leaders: Julia SalinaroStephanie Lim,

Group Mission + Planned 2017-2018 Activities:
We are a new initiative aimed at helping pregnant women addicted to opioids navigate the challenges they will face, namely alternative pain therapies, substance use rehabilitation, and preparing for the effects of opioid addiction on the newborn. It will include a 5-lecture curriculum (total time ~5 hours) on substance use, pregnancy, and neonatal abstinence syndrome. Student pairs will then be partnered with a pregnant woman from the high-risk obstetrics clinic and will follow along throughout the pregnancy providing appropriate intervention and/or support as necessary.

Music and Memory

President: Winston Liu
Treasurer: Stephen Kirchner,
Other Student Leaders: Janice Hu, Kyle Freischlag

Neurosurgery Interest Group (NSIG)

President: Rasheedat Zakare
Treasurer:  Stephanie Lim
Other Student Leaders: Bobby Gramer (VP) Jared Gloria (Secretary)

Ob/Gyn Interest Group

President: Michelle Tang, Alane Stalcup
Other Student Leaders: Alyssa Calland,  Qiqi Yu, Claire Edelman

Oncology Student Interest Group (OncSIG)

President: Monisha Sachdev

Ophthalmology Interest Group

President: James Tian
Treasurer: Tammy Hsu,

Orthopedic Surgery Interest Group

Third Year Medical Student Chairs: Cierra Hong, Caitlin Marks
Fourth Year Medical Student Chairs: Alexander Paul, Hunter Warwick, Gireesh Reddy, Kevin Wall

Palliative Care Interest Group

President: Dalton Hughes
Treasurer: Colin O’Leary
Other Student Leaders: Neha Kayastha

Pediatrics Interest Group (PIG)

President: Aruni Gunaratne, Roselyn Appenteng
Other Student Leaders: Grant Abass Bryanna Carpenter

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Interest Group (PRSIG)

Presidents: Jonah Orr Visakha Suresh, Ruya Zhao

Pre-Med Student Tutoring

Student Leader: Shannon Ericksson

Tutoring Undergrads in Gen Chem, Orgo, Bio, Biochem, and Physics
Coordinating with Undergrad Pre-med advising office.

Psychiatry Student Interest Group

Presidents: Jamie Farquhar Charles Puza
Other Student Leaders:  Safa Kaleem Sarah Hodges

Radiology Interest Group

President: James Campbell
Treasurer:  Cole Ziegler
Other Student Leaders:  Keven Ji Tyler Lacy

Refugee Health Initiative

President: Hunter Warwick,
Treasurer: Allia Vaez

In-home health education with refugee families

Root Causes

President: Julian Xie
Treasurer: Christelle Tan
Other Student Leaders: Peter Callejo-BlackJackee Okoli

Student National Medical Association (SNMA)

President: Shay BehrensTunlewa Soyinka
Treasurer: Tatyanna Henderson,

Software in Medicine 

Sports Medicine Interest Group

President: Hunter Warwick
Other Student Leaders:  Alex Paul

Student Faculty Show

President: Megan Kelly
Treasurer: Valentine Esposito
Other Student Leaders: Tyler Hobbs Peter Bittar Daniel Harrison

Student Interest Group in Neurology (SIGN)

President: Stephanie Roses
Treasurer: Daniel Harrison

Students for a National Health Program (SNaHP)

President: William Grant
Treasurer: Peter Callejo Black,
Other Student Leaders: Meredith Achey,  Kehali Woldemichel

Understanding Healthcare Costs (UHC)

Student Leaders:  Lindsey Olivere
Shannon ErikssonKarishma Sriram

Urologic Surgery Interest Group (USIG)

President: Chloe Peters,
Treasurer: Neha Arjunji
Other Student Leaders: Leonid Aksenov