About the Davison Council

The Davison Council is the student government organization for the Duke University School of Medicine. The Council consists of individuals both elected and appointed to handle matters as they pertain to the entire medical school. The elected officials consist of an executive board, a President from each of the four classes, 4 additional representatives from each class, and an MSTP representative. In addition, the Davison Council has appointed members that serve on committees such as the Admissions Committee, Curriculum Committee, Graduate and Professional Student Council, Institutional Review Board, Alumni Association, Honor Council, and others. Various national and local organizations are affiliated with the Davison Council and receive money from its treasury. The activities of the Davison Council are conducted in accordance with the Constitution of the Davison Council and the By-Laws of the Davison Society.
groupThe Davison Council works to enrich the lives of our medical students through student groups, service activities and social events. Through events such as Duke in Durham Day and Adopt-A-Family, students get involved in the Durham community that we live in. Social events such as the Davison Ball (“med school prom”) and the Spring Fling semi-formal are annual traditions that bring out most medical students for an evening of music and dancing.

The Davison Council meets monthly to discuss issues that relate to the medical school. The Council works closely with the Dean of the School of Medicine, the Vice-Dean of Education and the Chancellor of Health Affairs when student-related issues arise. These administrators and others are often guests at monthly Davison Council meetings where they update students on the latest “behind-the-scenes” developments.