Software in Medicine

Software in Medicine seeks to bridge the gap between the School of Medicine and the individuals/groups at Duke that are innovating the software that drives healthcare delivery and research. It has become apparent that while software is one of the most important driving factors for delivery and research in healthcare, students come away from medical school with little understanding of how and by whom this software is designed. Not only does this leave physicians out of the conversations occurring between those designing this software, but it prevents physicians from being able to innovate and collaborate on software issues. This disconnect has left a palpable gap in healthcare. On one side, software (including everything from EMR’s to complex machine learning diagnostic algorithms) is designed without the physician’s invaluable perspective, and on the other side, physicians are left without any knowledge of which pieces of software to use and how to properly use them. Software in Medicine will bridge this gap and better prepare graduating Duke physicians to interact with the world of software driving medicine. This will be accomplished by bringing students together to learn from individuals and groups at Duke and beyond about the current state of software innovation in healthcare and how they can contribute to these projects or those that they encounter in the future.

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