Latino Medical Student Association

LMSA is dedicated to evolving with the ever-changing landscape of the U.S. population and healthcare delivery. According to data from the 2013 US Census and the 2011 Bureau of Labor Statistics, 17.0% of the U.S. population is Hispanic or Latino, but only 6.6% of all physicians are Hispanic. Though the proportion of Latino physicians has doubled since 1980, there remains an average ratio of 3,000 Latino patients to one Latino physician compared to the ratio of 335 non-Latino patients to one non-Latino physician.

LMSA considers this a priority. For over 20 years, our membership has continued to grow. However, there is much work to be done. With U.S. Census data for 2050 estimating that 25% of the U.S. population will be Latino, we believe that meeting the above goals is paramount. We hope you will partner in our efforts.

Our Mission

To unify all medical students of ALL backgrounds who show interest in the advancement of Latinos in the US.
To provide a voice for under-represented medical students
To actively promote recruitment and retention of Latino students at all levels
To educate medical students on Latino health issues
To advocate for the rights of Latinos in health care
To provide leadership opportunities for Latinos
To promote volunteerism in the Latino community

DukeMed LMSA Activities
Here at the Duke School of Medicine, LMSA has been active in:

Creating Spanish interviewing and physical exam sessions where Duke Med students can practice their Spanish speaking skills in a medical setting.
Volunteering as part of health education efforts at community health fairs and local clinics
Tutoring Latino school students
Mentoring pre-med students
Fostering mentorship between Latino medical students and residents
Hosting Café y Conversación sessions where students can practice conversational Spanish among peers.
Inviting sponsored speakers on topics such as diabetes in the Latino community and migrant worker health.
Attending LMSA National Conference each April


Not only do we strive to create these opportunities for Duke Med students, but we are dedicated to create lasting bonds with local organizations such as El Centro Hispano and to serve the local Durham Latino community. In doing so we hope that our efforts will not only impact our community but also lead future physicians to be more mindful of the needs of underserved communities.


Duke LMSA Board 2017-2018

Co-presidents: Alex Villeda, MS1 and Alex Antonia, MSTP
Treasurer: Priscila Cunha, MS3
Community Service and Outreach Chairs: Lilliana Suarez, MS1 and Laura Stilwell, MS1
Language and Cultural Coordinator: Josh Hayden, MS1
Speaker Coordinator: Nick McCrory, MS1
Admissions Representative: Tony Fuller, MS4
Faculty Advisors: Dr. Leonor Corsino and Dr. Loren del Mar Peña

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