Tai Deloney

Tai is an undergraduate from Wittenberg University visiting the Duke University Marine Lab for a semester.

Tai is currently a research assistant, working with Ranaivo Rasolofoson on the impacts of human wellbeing and environmental outcomes.

He is interested in fisheries (fish populations), shark conservation, and marine conservation. He also has experience working with invertebrates (crabs). He has looked at behavioral and physiological adaptations of fiddler crabs in Florida. Specifically, Tai was interested in how female presence and temperature play a role in Leptuca pugilator’s surface and burrow duration. He has also examined hydration rates of Leptuca pugilator and the environmental conditions they exist in. At the ocean synthesis lab, he will further investigate impacts of human wellbeing (conflicts) on marine fisheries and food security.

email: tai.deloney@duke.edu