Marine Conservation Evidence and Synthesis (Duke Bass Connections)

2023-24 Marine Conservation Evidence and Synthesis Project Team – Project Outputs

Our full conceptual model of impacts cascades of climate change on coral reef fishery systems is linked as a PDF here.

Our poster for the Fortin Foundation Bass Connections Showcase, April 17 2024:

2023-24 Project Description

Building on the work of previous teams, this project team will develop evidence synthesis products for tropical marine social-ecological systems. This work is separated into three stages:
  1. Curriculum development: Develop an online interdisciplinary course to build student capacity in evidence synthesis methods. In this stage, team members will bring together existing evidence synthesis research, methods and training materials developed by experts in the field.
  2. Team development: Continue to work with a developed transdisciplinary network of evidence synthesis experts and evidence end users from multiple sectors (e.g., public health, conservation, development). This network of experts includes identified partners affiliated with the World Wildlife Fund, the philanthropic sector and others.
  3. Evidence mapping: Continue the work of refining and developing evidence maps and derivative products in partnership with the World Wildlife Fund. The approach will include evaluating natural and social science research on the nature and strength of linkages between conservation interventions and both natural and social outcomes. Team members will also focus on particular intervention types where significant knowledge gaps exist or are especially relevant to policy, as well as their implications for resilience to anthropogenic climate change.
Learn more about this work here and check out some of our past work here!