Duke Datathon 2024

Help identify potential projects that lead to publications and
improve the care of critically ill and injured patients
April 13-14, 2024
Duke Health Center for Interprofessional Education and Care Building
311 Trent Drive, Durham, NC 27710
Top 2 teams will receive $500.



Impact critical care in new ways at the upcoming Datathon! From Duke Critical Care Informatics, the Datathon is a collaborative two-day event that connects critical care clinicians with data scientists to develop pragmatic data-driven models using de-identified critical care electronic health record datasets. The theme is “Data Science in Critical Care.” Current sub-themes for 2024 include Health Equity and Patient Outcomes.

Using de-identified critical care electronic health record datasets (e.g., MIMIC, eICU), we will develop new projects in 36 hours, from problem to abstract (and more)! 

Participants will be organized into teams that are half-data science, half-clinical. You do not need to have a team; we will help you find a team. Questions will be crowdsourced. No experience is required.

  • If you’re a clinician, your interest, but not expertise, in data science is required. 
  • If you’re a data scientist, your interest, but not expertise, in healthcare and critical care is required. 

Registration open to academic institutions on 15 January 2024.  Registration rates will increase in Feb 2024.



Early bird
Mon, 26 Feb
Faculty. community
(MD/DO attendings, professors, people with real jobs, etc.):
Clinical: NP/PA, RT, RN, PT/OT
Data science: BERD core staff, DHTS analysts, etc.
Clinical: residents, fellows, postdocs.
Data science: MS/PhD students, postdocs


The top 2 teams will win $500 each!  (*For academic costs by reimbursement)


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Images from the Society of Critical Care Medicine SCCM Datathon 2023