Changing the Youth, Changing Ourselves

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Growing Change ( is an organization that allows youth undergoing difficult circumstances to channel their time and energy into an integrative prison flip experience. This process involves the conversion of old prison details into newer sustainable farm details. It is an endeavor that requires creativity, time, and the collaboration of numerous NGOs and local government departments. It was great for me to hear about all the ideas the youth had on ways to innovate because it changed my perspective on them. Their productivity and ambition was motivating to me and their success was evident and well deserved. I feel like the diversity and intensity of issues facing each youth before they came to the organization paled in the face of the work they were doing and the bonds they developed. They had adopted a perspective that enabled them. It enabled them to be more than what other people expected of them. Naturally then, they were more receptive to the idea of practicing Boal’s techniques, which would supposedly allow them to liberate themselves even more.

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Thanks & Smiles

Dear Class,

Thanks for the poetry you’ve shared on the blog. I hope you continue to share your thoughts here.

IMG_1839An update, I finally changed the year on the site title, so we’re no longer living in the past. Welcome to the year 2013!

Lastly, this picture is great. I couldn’t decide how to include it in the blog, so I’m just putting it here.

Happy fall break!

Ran Dry

Rooted from herbs he does not know

Found yearning for places he shouldn’t want to go

He pants, he kicks, he works

Frantic lies and tears, where was the church?

Toxic air he breathes, visions of the valley of the shadow of death

Yet they rant, “dream!” spread your wings, murmurs of emptiness

As if a bird with clipped wings could fly

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