Selected Publications

¶ = Equal contribution; * = Corresponding author

Belsky DW, Harden KP. Phenotypic annotation: Translating discoveries from genome-wide association studies from the top down. Current Directions in Psychological Science, Published online January 9, 2019.

Belsky DW*, Haratti A. To the freezers! Stored biospecimens from human randomized trials are an important new direction for studies of biological aging. Journals of Gerontology A: Medical Sciences, 74(1):89-90, 2019.

Belsky DW*, Moffitt TE, Cohen AA, Corcoran DL, Levine ME, Prinz J, Schaefer J, Sugden K, Williams B, Poulton R, Caspi A. Telomere, epigenetic clock, and biomarker-composite quantifications of biological aging: Do they measure the same thing? American Journal of Epidemiology, 187(6):1220-1230, 2018 (published online November 2017).

Belsky DW¶*, Domingue BD, Weedow R, Arseneault L, Boardman J, Caspi A, Conley DC, Fletcher J, Freese J, Herd P, Moffitt TE, Poulton R, Sicinski K, Wertz J, Harris KM. Genetic analysis of social-class mobility in five longitudinal studies. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (Plus) USA, 115(31):E7275-84, 2018.

Belsky DW. Life-course longitudinal studies are needed to advance integration of genomics and social epidemiology. American Journal of Epidemiology, 187(6):1337-8, 2018.

Elliott ML, Belsky DW, Anderson K, Corcoran DL, Ge T, Knodt A, Prinz J, Sugden K, Williams B, Ireland D, Poulton R, Caspi A, Holmes A, Moffitt TE, Hariri AR. A polygenic score for educational attainment is associated with larger brain size. Cerebral Cortex, Published online September 12, 2018.

Belsky DW. Translating polygenic analysis for prevention: from “who” to “how”. Circulation: Cardiovascular Genetics, 10:e001798.

Belsky DW*, Caspi A, Kraus W, Cohen HJ, Ramrakha S, Poulton R, Moffitt TE. Impact of early personal-history characteristics on the Pace of Aging: Implications for clinical trials of therapies to slow aging and extend healthspan. Aging Cell, published online April 12, 2017.

Belsky DW*, Huffman K, Pieper C, Shalev I, Kraus W. Change in the Rate of Biological Aging in Response to Caloric Restriction: CALERIE Biobank Analysis. Journals of Gerontology A: Biological Sciences, glx096, Published online May 22, 2017.

Domingue BW, Liu H, Okbay A, Belsky DW*. Genetic heterogeneity in depressive symptoms following the death of a spouse: Polygenic score analysis of the US Health and Retirement Study. American Journal of Psychiatry, Published online March 24, 2017.

Domingue BW, Belsky DW*. Current findings and implications for human genetics. PLoS Genetics, 13(3): e1006615.

Belsky DW, Moffitt TE, Corcoran DL, Domingue B, Harrington HL, Hogan S, Houts R, Ramrakha S, Sugden K, Williams B, Poulton R, Caspi A. The genetics of success: How SNPs associated with educational attainment relate to life course development. Psychological Science. epub June 1, 2016. doi: 10.1177/0956797616643070.

Belsky DW, Lessons for research on cognitive aging from a study of children. American Journal of Epidemiology. epub May 24, 2016. doi: 10.1093/aje/kww029

Belsky DW, Reply to Newman: Quantification of biological aging in young adults is not the same thing as the onset of obesity. PNAS. epub Dec 16, 2015. doi:10.1073/pnas.1518878112 

Belsky DW, Caspi A, Houts R, Cohen HJ, Corcoran DL, Danese A, Harrington HL, Israel S, Levine ME, Schaefer JD, Sugden K, Williams B, Yashin AI, Poulton R, Moffitt TE. Quantification of biological aging in young adultsPNAS. epub July 6, 2015. doi:10.1073/pnas.1506264112

Belsky DW, Caspi A, Israel S, Blumenthal JA, Poulton R, Moffitt TE. Cardiorespiratory fitness and cognitive function at midlife: Neuroprotection or neuroselection? Annals of Neurology. epub Jan 19, 2015, doi: 10.1002/ana.24356.

Albert WD*, Belsky DW*, Crowley DM, Latendresse SJ, Aliev F, Riley B, Sun C, Conduct Problems Prevention Research Group, Dick DM, Dodge KR. Can genotype predict response to complex behavioral interventions? Evidence from a genetic analysis of the Fast Track randomized control trial. Journal of Policy Analysis & Management. epub Jan 5, 2015, doi: 0.1002/pam.21811. *Equal contribution

Belsky DW, Shalev I, Sears MR, Hancox RJ, Harrington H, Houts R, Moffitt TE, Sugden K, Williams B, Poulton R, Caspi A. Is chronic asthma associated with shorter leukocyte telomere length at midlife? American Journal of Respiratory & Critical Care Medicine, 190(4):384-391, 2014.

Belsky DW, Israel S. Biodemography & Social Biology, Integrating genetics and social science: Genetic risk scores. 60:137-155, 2014.

Belsky DW, Suppli N, Israel S. Gene-environment interaction research in psychiatric epidemiology: A framework and implications for study design. Social Psychiatry & Psychiatric Epidemiology, epub September 13, 2014.

Belsky DW. Appetite for prevention: Genetics and developmental epidemiology join forces in obesity research. JAMA Pediatrics, epub Feb 17, 2014.

Belsky DW, Sears MR. The potential to predict the course of childhood asthma. Expert Review of Respiratory Medicine, epub Jan 22, 2014.

Belsky DW, Moffitt TE, Caspi A. Genetics in population health science: Strategies and opportunities. American Journal of Public Health, 103:S73-S83, 2013.

Belsky DW, Sears MR, Hancox R, Moffitt TE, Harrington H, Houts R, Sugden K, Williams B, Poulton R, Caspi A. Polygenic risk and the development and course of asthma: an analysis of data from a 4-decade longitudinal study. Lancet Respiratory Medicine, 1:453-461, 2013.

Belsky DW, Moffitt TE, Baker T, Biddle AH, Evans JP, Harrington HL, Houts R, Meier MH, Sugden K, Williams B, Poulton R, Caspi A. Polygenic risk and the developmental progression to heavy, persistent smoking and nicotine dependence: Evidence from a 4-decade longitudinal study. JAMA Psychiatry (formerly Archives of General Psychiatry), 70(5):534-542, 2013.

Belsky DW, Caspi A, Goldman-Mellor S, Meier MH, Poulton R, Moffitt TE. Is obesity associated with a decline in intelligence quotient during the first half of the life course? American Journal of Epidemiology, 178:1461-1468, 2013.

Belsky DW, Moffitt TE, Sugden K, Williams B, McCarthy J, Caspi A. Development and evaluation of a genetic risk score for obesity. Biodemography & Social Biology, 59:85-100, 2013.

Belsky DW, Moffitt TE, Houts RH, Bennett GG, Biddle AH, Blumenthal J, Evans JP, Houts RH, Sugden K, Williams B, Poulton R, Caspi A. Polygenic risk, rapid childhood growth, and the development of obesity: Evidence from a 4-decade longitudinal study. Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine (now JAMA Pediatrics), 166:515-521, 2012.

Belsky DW, Caspi A, Arseneault L, Bleidorn W, Fonagy P, Goodman M, Houts R, Moffitt TE. Etiological features of borderline personality-related characteristics in a cohort of 12-year old children. Development & Psychopathology, 24:251-265, 2012.

Belsky DW, Moffitt TE, Melchior M, Arsenault L, Caspi A. Context and sequelae of food Insecurity in children’s development. American Journal of Epidemiology, 172:809-818, 2010. 



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