Course Evaluation and Requirements

  • Attendance and participation: 20%
  • In-class presentations: 40%
  • Final Project: 40%

Attendance and participation. Students are expected to view the short audiovisual presentations available every Monday on Sakai’s “Resources”; read the material assigned; attend and participate to the synchronous class sessions, regularly scheduled for Wednesdays. Students who cannot attend the Wednesday lessons on Zoom should contact the instructor and view the recorded sessions on Zoom.

In-class presentations. Students, divided into groups, are expected to discuss the material assigned during short group presentations. Each group will give six presentations throughout the semester.

Final Project. Each student can choose whether to write a short research paper (8-10 page long); or to write a short story or script provisionally titled “The Case of the Duke Professor.” You will be able to kill your professor (Ciro or Roberto, as you please), and get away with a grade for it. The only requirement for the story is to use at least one of the narrative devices we will discuss throughout the semester (locked-room, inverted detection, “Christy’s” suspect…).  The best story will be published on the Romance Studies website.