Improving customer experience with public transportation

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How can GoDurham improve the customer experience of Durham public transportation?


Sanford students Matthew Boyle, Tikkara Cooper, Afsana Oreen and Forrest Robinette discovered insights along the customer and employee journeys, learning and capturing stories from those who rely on and work for GoDurham. In-depth interviews with customers at Durham Station and at bus stops allowed the team to understand the pain points and bright spots of their ride experience.


The students worked to design a solution that would give customers the information they needed and alleviate frustration for users and employees alike. After developing three prototypes, they returned to customers and employees to once again engage their feedback.


The students charted the roadmap for GoDurham’s adoption of the designed solution, including a six-month plan. They included concrete tools, questionnaires, and metrics that will allow GoDurham to obtain accurate information on the success of the solution.