"The Human Centered Design Team from Sanford integrated with our program seamlessly."

“In a short amount of time, they shared valuable insights and recommendations with our leadership team to improve the TROSA experience and journey for our residents.”

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Kevin McDonald
Founder, President, and CEO

CX-Lab Provides Organizations with Student-Designed Solutions

Would you like to improve your customer experience?  If you are a public service or non-profit organization in the Durham community, our student teams can work with you on a comprehensive, 14-week consulting project.  The work begins with a framing of the customer experience challenge as defined by the organization.

What we will provide: Using the human-centered design process, the students start with a six-week Discover phase where they research your current customers to gain an understanding of their expectations and unmet needs. Through interviews with customers and employees the students uncover qualitative insights on the bright spots and pain points of the customer journey. The Discover phase concludes with an identification of the most critical moments that matter in the customer journey and the selection of a design challenge, leading to the Design phase. In the four-week Design phase, the students work with customers and employees to ideate, prototype and test different solutions that will improve the customer experience. The design solution is then refined with a clear definition of success and how that success will be measured. Next, in the Deliver phase, the students prepare a 90- to 180-day implementation plan with clear milestones on a roadmap for the organization. The implementation plan includes suggested success metrics as well as a qualitative measurement and feedback process which will allow the organization to continually improve their customer and employee experience. The final product is a Storybook (examples here) that is presented to the organization detailing all of the work from the fourteen-week process. The Storybook provides the organization an outside look at their opportunities to improve their customer and employee experience. 

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