Dr. Cullen retired and closed his lab in 2023.  You can learn more about the research he conducted by viewing the [Research] or [Publications] sections of this site.

The Cullen lab employs a diverse group of scientists, primarily at the post-doctoral level, performing high impact research in the field of molecular virology. Projects active in the group currently include research focusing on the epitranscriptomic regulation of viral gene expression, primarily using Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 (HIV-1) and influenza A virus as model systems. We are also using CRISPR/Cas-mediated gene editing as a way of identifying cellular factors that either promote or inhibit viral replication. Finally, we are continuing our research into the use of CRISPR/Cas as a potentially highly specific treatment for chronic infections caused by DNA viruses, including HIV-1 and Herpes Simplex Virus.