Season 2: Where should we go from here?

We are launching season 2 of The CS-Ed Podcast on January 4th, 2021! The year 2020 has caused so much disruption and calls for change, which led us to make this season’s theme “Where should we go from here?” Join us for this season as our host, Kristin Stephens-Martinez, discusses with her guests about pedagogy and inequality in hopes it will give us all an opportunity to reflect rather than react to our present situation.

This season has 6 episodes. The first will come out on January 4th and we’ll release subsequent episodes every other Monday:

  • 1/04 – Manuel Pérez-Quiñones from University North Carolina at Charlotte on how to support students of color
  • 1/18 – Jared O’Leary from BootUp PD on what can K12 and higher education computer science learn from each other
  • 2/01 – Nicki Washington from Duke University on cultural competency
  • 2/15 – Joe Feldman joins me to talk about his book Grading for equity
  • 3/01 – Leigh Ann DeLyser from CSforAll on systemic change
  • 3/15 – Jacqueline Smith from the University of Toronto shares how to teach a large flipped class

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