Openly designing justice-centered computer science education


Housed at the Open Design Studio at Duke University, we are educators, students, and community partners who share a common goal: to engage every student with justice-centered computer science education.

Self-determination is now largely influenced by the technology that defines our lives. We believe that all students must have the power to understand and critique that technology, and to build it if they choose.

We use open design to co-create K-12 computer science and technology curricula and resources with the educators and students who use it, and with the organizations (like the Department of Public Instruction) that help implement it.

We are committed to co-creating resources that: are free to access, use, and adapt; are culturally relevant for the educators and learners with whom we co-create; inspire joy and cultivate curiosity within all learners.


All of our curricula are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

We invite you to freely use, adapt, and remix these resources, and we hope you will contribute your own creations to the commons!

Grades 3-5:


How We Started: We’ve come a long way, and this is how we started