18/27Intro Lecture
MODULE 1: Intro to Privacy
8/29Privacy Attacks Practicum (slides)

(link to exercise)
Machanavajjhala, Kifer, "Designing Statistical Privacy For Your Data", CACM 2015 (PDF)

Dinur, Nissim, "Revealing Information while Preserving Privacy", PODS 2003 (PDF)

29/3Differential Privacy (slides)Dwork, Roth, "Algorithmic Foundations of Differential Privacy", Foundations and Trends 9(3-4), 2014 (PDF)

Chapter 2

(Henceforth called the Privacy Textbook)
9/5Basic Algorithmic Primitives (slides)

Miniproject 1 (handout, files)
Privacy Textbook, Chapter 3 (till page 43)
39/10Designing complex algorithms & Composition (slides)

Hay, Rastogi, Miklau, Suciu, "Boosting the Accuracy of Differentially Private Histograms Through Consistency", PVLDB 3(1) 2010 (PDF)

Hurricane Florence
MODULE 2: Intro to Fairness
49/17Fairness Practicum

(link to exercise)

Angwin, Julia, "Machine Bias", Propublica 2016 (Article)
9/19Fairness in Machine Learning - I

(Deadline for homework/mini-project 1)
Dwork, Cynthia, "Fairness Through Awareness", ITCS 2012 (PDF)

Feldman, Michael, "Certifying and Removing Disparate Impact" KDD 2015 (PDF)
59/24Fairness in Machine Learning - II (slides)

Mini Project 2 (files)
Hardt, Moritz, "Equality of Opportunity in Supervised Learning", NIPS 2016 (PDF)
9/26Fairness in Resource Allocation (slides)

(Deadline for choosing project topics)
Fain, Brandon "The Core of the Participatory Budgeting Problem" WINE 2017 (PDF)

Guidelines for Paper Reading PDF

Writing a good critique PDF
610/01Privacy vs Fairness

Discussion Leads: dap62, sb505
Milklau et al, "Fair Decision Making using Privacy-Protected Data" (PDF)
MODULE 3: Algorithms for Privacy
10/03Range Counting Queries

Discussion Leads: yk175, yt117

(Deadline for homework/mini-project 2 is Oct. 5)
Hay et al. "Principled Evaluation of Differentially Private Algorithms using DPBench", ACM SIGMOD 2016 (PDF)
710/08NO CLASS

Fall Break
10/10Private Machine Learning

Discussion Leads: emc49, nj83, nl123

Presentations (students, instructor)
Abadi et al, "Differentially Private Deep Learning", ACM CCS 2016 (PDF)

Optional Reading: Mironov, "Renyi DP" (PDF)

(Deadline for submitting project proposal)
10/17Semantics of Differential Privacy

Discussion Leads: akk46, bjp24
Kifer, Machanavajjhala, "No Free Lunch in Differential Privacy", SIGMOD 2011 (PDF)

Optional Reading: Kifer, Machanavajjhala, "Pufferfish", ACM TODS 2014 (PDF)
910/22Local Differential Privacy

Discussion Leads: cw374, lmf36, yz488
Erlingsson et al, "RAPPOR: Randomized Aggregatable Privacy-Preserving
Ordinal Response", ACM CCS 2014 (PDF)
10/24Implementing Differential Privacy

Discussion Leads: js684, nkp5

Presentations (students, instructor)
Haeberlin et al, "Differential Privacy Under Fire", USENIX Security 2011 (PDF)

Optional Reading: Mironov, "On significance of the least significant bits for differential privacy", ACM CCS 2014 (PDF)
1010/29Guest Lecture by Kartik Nayak Data Oblivious CmoputingOstrovsky, "ORAM"PDF

Shi et al, Oblivious RAM with O((log N)^3) Worst-Case CostPDF
MODULE 4: Algorithms for Fairness
10/31Trade-offs in Fairness

Discussion Leads: ra144, spy4
Inherent Trade-Offs in the Fair Determination of Risk Scores by Kleinberg, Mullainathan, and Raghavan; appeared in ITCS 2017. (PDF)
1111/5Causal inference and Fairness

Discussion Leads: nrg18, yw166
Counterfactual Fairness by Kusner et. al; appeared in NIPS 2017. (PDF)

Optional Reading: Avoiding Discrimination through Causal Reasoning by Niki Kilbertus et. al; appeared in NIPS 2017 (PDF)

(Deadline for submitting mid-term report)
1211/12(Un)fairness in feature generation

Discussion Leads: fz52, rlb61, xy48
Man is to Computer Programmer as Woman is to Homemaker? Debiasing Word Embeddings by Bolukbasi et. al; appeared in NIPS 2016. (PDF)
11/14Resource allocation of multiple resources

Discussion Leads: jk397, lw255, yy189
Dominant Resource Fairness: fair allocation of multiple resource types by Ghodsi et. al; appeared in NSDI 2011. (PDF)

Thanksgiving Holiday
1411/26Fair and Proportional Social Choice Theory

Discussion Leads: jfm41, yy191
Justified Representation in Approval-Based Committee Voting by Aziz et. al; appeared in AAAI 2015. (PDF)
1512/3(Deadline for submitting final report)