My research focuses on the application and implementation of next generation sequencing and its associated methods to non-model species. Having established a background in sequencing and bioinformatics before graduate school, I have aimed to bring that knowledge base, founded in the world of human genetics, to non-model systems and the evolutionary questions they present. At present my work, both thesis and otherwise, has several directions.

I am exploring the evolution of sperm proteins within the mouse lemurs (genus Microcebus) of Madagascar, one of the most speciose genera of primates. This study, spread across several species, targets sperm gene evolution as a possible cause of the speciose nature of the genus. However only recently have the tools, low costs of sequencing has allowed for the genome assembly and annotation of Microcebus murinus and low coverage sequence generation across the genus, been developed to assess these questions in this system. The current status of my work was presented in a poster at the 2016 Biology of Genomes meeting.