Spring 2022, CMAC/ISS/VMS 290-S

Zoe Superville Midterm



Noelle Garrick Midterm


Art Presentation: ECHOES by EPOCH x LACMA

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  1. Yoo+Bin+Shin

    Zoe, great work so far!

    I love the idea of your project, and I was impressed to see that you have a Max patch that works very well already. In terms of changing the trigger for modifying the saturation levels of the overlaid videos, as Quran said, I think it might be helpful to look into an image detection or perhaps a face detection package that detects either a person’s silhouette or face. I think your product would be equally as strong to have one video’s saturation increased if it detects a face looking in that direction. If you have three cameras on each wall, only the video projection on the wall that the viewer is facing will show a clear video, while the other projections are still overlays of multiple videos. Just an idea!

    I think your product is very successful in conveying your intended purpose—giving the viewer the sensation that she is walking up to someone’s story—without additional explanation. I am not sure if this is also relevant to your intended purpose but I think your theme is very relevant with hypermedia and the overwhelming amount of information, especially personal life, that is shared online in real-time. Maybe using live data from Twitter or Instagram, to get people’s real time stories or posts would be effective to convey this theme.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product!

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