Spring 2022, CMAC/ISS/VMS 290-S

Cynthia France Midterm

Starts at around 42:00


Quran Karriem’s Midterm Presentation


Artist List: blockchain and web 3


  1. Ameya Rao

    Hi Cindy,

    I really enjoyed listening to your presentation in class and I think you’ve constructed a really fascinating project that does a good job of reflecting the realities of everyday students like us!

    I like how the UI is simplistic and box-y because it almost mimics the interface of an electronic music launchpad and I think that creates some cool analogies between the anxiety music and music that we want to actually create and have control over.

    I wonder if there would be any merits to adding video to your project and how that could create a more immersive experience for the user. I think simulating a real world environment with visuals could allow those anxious noises to feel a lot more present and pervasive. I think you should definitely look into simulating some sort of visual – it even could be an AI generated art piece that visualizes what those sounds look like (almost like synthesthesia?)

    Can’t wait to see how you continue to develop your project!

  2. Alistair+Simmons

    I like where your presentation ends with you proposing to create a database where people can listen to the sounds of previous people who are able to record their own noises. This seems like a really expressive interactive element that can enable people to bond and create solidarity within the stressed environment of college. I think this enables people, under the anonymity of recordings, to express themselves in manners they would otherwise feel uncomfortable. For other people to make their own sound, it would be smart to have a microphone inside your exhibit so people can record themselves. You could also provide props, like drums, pencil (to tap), a clock, and other relaxing/stressful noises.
    Your design seems simple, with the matrix of squares. I like this simplicity because it is straightforward and represents the uniformity circumscribing our emotions. It would be interesting if the noises went outside of the box, literally, and could start playing at different times. In this way, stress cannot always be put into a box and forgotten about to be revisited later. It would be interesting if the viewer was confronted more by the stress, so we learn what causes this shared anxiety. I also like how the input method of recording is decentralized. I really appreciate your project and the immense possibilities for interactive experimentation.

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