Spring 2022, CMAC/ISS/VMS 290-S

Ameya Rao Midterm

time stamp: 20:42


Artist List: Critical Fabulation


Yoo Bin Shin’s Midterm


  1. Alistair+Simmons

    Your visualization of the contrast between the appeal of NFTs to the environmental devastation it causes sends a clear and insightful message. The backdrop of flooding and images of climate change diverts attention away from the generic character, making the viewer recognize the unjustifiable damage by NFT production. This art is very persuasive because it is political, I like how the statement is made immediately. Given that the message is unambiguous, I think you should try to find ways to complicate your message — make it more specific.
    One way you could make your depictions NFTs more realistic to the accurate reality their existence is by demonstrating that NFTs are in fact not an object but the representation such. NFTs are encrypted links which accesses digital art stored on the block chain. However, the composition of that art can change according to the person accessing the link. To demonstrate this hyper-reality, Moxie created an NFT that had three different images according to which wallet accessed it. You could do something similar, where every time someone clicks the Buy NFT button, every image changes. This would demonstrate how it propels humans into grounded understanding of reality. You do a good job showing this reality, rather than the marketed, hyped-up version speculated on by investors.
    Another method you could make the project more realistic of the NFT market is by having an interactive graphic that visualizes the general market value of NFTs. As a typical investor, the audience would be challenged to buy at the right times to make money. Or else they lose money and destroy the environment 🙁
    I really enjoy your project and am excited to see the final piece

  2. Cynthia France

    Hi Ameya!

    I really liked your project! Using Presentation Mode really stepped up the UI and got rid of all the potentially distracting backend elements of Max so that the user can focus specifically on what’s going on.

    I thought the overlay of NFT animations and climate destruction was super cool and a great way to provide commentary on the environmental impact of NFTs. From a UI standpoint, are you thinking of broadening it out so that users can buy more than 3 NFTs? If that’s the case, I think it’d be cool if you started the screen out with no images/animations, and then they’d pop up as the user buys them. And eventually, perhaps once they get to a “breaking point”, all the animations (most likely videos at that point) can merge into one and display some type of ending message.

    Going off of the last point, perhaps an addition to your project could be some sort of timeline until point of no return/countdown to doomsday kind of thing to further hammer home the impact NFTs have on the environment.

  3. Cynthia France

    I love your project already and I’m so excited to see where you take your project from here!

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