Spring 2022, CMAC/ISS/VMS 290-S

Artist List: Critical Fabulation


  • Onyx Ashanti,
  • Moore Mother, “Black Encyclopedia of the Air”
  • Stephanie Dinkins, “Conversations with Bina-48”
  • Drexciya
  • Sondra Perry, “Workstation” or “Its in the game”
  • Martine Syms, “Loot Sweets”
  • Legacy Russel, “Black Meme
  • Aria Dean, “King of the Loop” 
  • John Akomfrah


Peer critique guidelines


Ameya Rao Midterm


  1. Alistair Simmons

    I would be glad to present on Wednesday

  2. Zoe Superville

    I can do Martine Syms, “Loot Sweets”

  3. Noelle

    I’ll do Sondra Perry, “Its in the game”

  4. Noelle

    *on next Monday I guess

    • Rebecca Uliasz

      hi Noelle. we plan to talk about these works tomorrow, so please bring in some thoughts to share on Perry’s work then

  5. Stephane Bineza

    I’d like to present on Legacy Russel’s “Black Meme” on Monday!

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