June 22, 2010

Undergraduate Researchers

Since its inception in 2000, the Craig lab has maintained an active commitment to mentored undergraduate research. Approximately 40 undergraduates, ranging from first year students to seniors, have made use of this opportunity.  These students comprise mainly Duke chemistry majors, but the lab has also provided a home for undergraduates from Notre Dame, Harvard, Meredith, and Mainz, as well as for pre-majors and majors from other departments in Arts & Sciences as well as Engineering.  These opportunities have been funded by Duke, the National Science Foundation, and the Army Research Office.

Many Duke undergraduates have gone on to receive Graduation With Distinction honors upon graduation, based on their research in the Craig group:

Paul Forsyth, 2004
Andrew Archer, 2004
Sean Kedrowski, 2005
Jason Keith, 2005
Ki-Hyon Kim, 2007
Bethany Neilson, 2008
John Overcash, 2008
Emily Reeves, 2009
Mark Whitfield, 2009
Jason Pifer, 2010
Vijay Prabhakar, 2011
Yufan Yan, 2012
Jeong Hoon Ko, 2013
Gihan Hewage, 2014
Will Trautman, 2014

In addition, since 2010 the group has published a total of 12 papers that involve 12 undergraduates and two high school student co-authors.

If you are interested in an undergraduate research position in the lab, please visit our “How To Apply” page for things to consider and details.