Join a COVID Research Study & Help End the Pandemic in Our Community

Thank you for looking to Duke for your COVID-19 research information! Our clinical trials and studies are open to the entire community, and we invite you to be part of the solution and help end the pandemic in our community and everywhere.

Tests, vaccines, and treatments will help slow and possibly put an end to COVID-19 and the impact it’s had on the world. Research, in the form of clinical trials and studies, can help make that happen as quickly as possible. Right now, scientists are working hard to:

    • Understand the virus and how it works in the body
    • Find and test treatments for people who have been infected
    • Prevent the spread of the disease more effectively
    • Identify and test vaccines
    • Assess the effect of the pandemic on people, communities, and society as a whole

If you would like to talk to someone about research, please contact us:


phone: 919-681-5698. Se habla español.