Henry Turner, “The Poetics of the Corporate Person”

Henry Turner, "The Poetics of the Corporate Person"


Friday, October 6, 2017    
11:45 am - 1:35 pm


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Henry Turner: “The Poetics of the Corporate Person”

This paper examines the idea of corporate personhood from the perspective of poetry and theater, with special reference to Shakespeare and his contemporaries. It draws some distinctions among some of the most important literary terms related to personhood, and it concludes with some broader philosophical reflections about the ontology, or quality of being, that a corporate person can be said to possess, both in earlier historical periods and today.

Henry Turner is Professor of English at Rutgers University. His research and teaching is rooted in the historical and cultural study of Renaissance literature, especially drama, but extends into the sociology and philosophy of science. He is the author of, among other things, The Corporate Commonwealth: Pluralism and Political Fictions in England, 1516-1651 (Chicago, 2016).


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