Pasekoff on Wu, “China, Inc.”

Laura Pasekoff Corporations and International Law March 4, 2018   The speaker for the March 2, 2018 session of Corporations and International Law, Spring Semester 2018, was Professor Mark Wu, a professor who joined us from Harvard Law School.  Professor Wu joined us to discuss two pieces of his writing.  The first was a 2016 Read more about Pasekoff on Wu, “China, Inc.”[…]

David Armitage: Reconsidering John Locke and Unlocking His Theories

Before I reflect on the final installment of the Mellon Sawyer Seminar on Corporations and International Law, I have to admit to that it has been well over a decade since I studied the political theories of Locke or anyone else. Furthermore, I never studied the history of these thinkers. That being said, I was Read more about David Armitage: Reconsidering John Locke and Unlocking His Theories[…]

Speaker Report for Doctor Welker and Professor Puig

Guest Speakers for October 20                 This week’s speakers provided insight into corporations by exploring their interactions with law and society. Professor Puig approached the matter from a legal perspective (predominately focusing on litigation) while Doctor Welker employed an anthropological framework. In doing so, both Doctor Welker and Professor Puig have used the tobacco industry Read more about Speaker Report for Doctor Welker and Professor Puig[…]

Benton’s Logic

Lauren Benton opened the inaugural session of the Mellon Sawyer speaker series with her work in progress, “The Legal Logic of Conquest: Political Pluralism, Truces and Early Modern Colonial Violence.” The speakers series takes place in conjunction with an interdisciplinary course ‘Corporations and International Law: Past, Present and Future’ with draws together a diverse group Read more about Benton’s Logic[…]