Walburn on Barkan and Ciepley

This week Joshua Barkan and David Ciepley came to discuss corporate sovereignty. Both of these scholars noted how corporations function as an alternative modality of sovereign governance. Barkan explained that corporations act in relation to, different than, and in tension with states. As a geographer, he is especially interested in the territorial aspects of corporate Read more about Walburn on Barkan and Ciepley[…]

Walburn, Benton and the Legal Logic of Conquest

In her recent article, “The legal Logic of Conquest: Political Pluralism, Truces, and Early Modern Colonial Violence,” Lauren Benton reworks our understandings of conquest, and revises modern legal historiography, arguing that “the history of the early modern world can be styled as a history of invasion, occupation, and the sweeping cultural and institutional consequences of Read more about Walburn, Benton and the Legal Logic of Conquest[…]