Recent Updates

Updates as of April 2016


A/R External Billing
 Cores can now bill customers external to Duke. See External Billing Set-up User Guide for complete workflow.
Voucher Billing
 Separate Projects can now be spun off of a parent Voucher code.
Tool Group
 A Resource Group/Resource Group Item type named Tool Group has been added that allows multiple users to have concurrent reservations.
Service Task Assignment
 Non-Instrument Use Service Tasks can now be assigned by/to core personnel.
Auditor Role
 An Auditor Role has been created with view-only access rights to all modules.
Report Security
 Security has been introduced for SystemAdmins to restrict access to reports to assigned Job Types.
User Feedback Enhancements
Estimate Management for Financial Managers
 The Estimate Management tramline has been enabled for Financial Manager Job Types.
Core Staff User Interface
 Non-functional Service Request operation buttons for Core Staff were hidden. These included Submit & Approve, Accept for Review, Approve, and Reject.
Manage Service Requests List Page
 Display columns for PI, Submitted Date, Approved By, and Approved Date were added to the Manage Service requests list page.
Manage Reservations List Page
 Display columns for Reserved For and Date Created were added to the Manage Reservations list page.
ICS File Reminder
 ICS files now include 30 minute reminders by default.
Instrument Billing Cap
 Reporting fields for internal and external billing caps were added to the Information tab of Instrument configuration.
Select Project Lookup Window
 A display column for Title has been added to the Select Project lookup window for Resource Reservations.
Certified User Unique ID
 A display column for Duke Unique ID has been added to the Certified Users detail tab of Instrument configuration.
eForm Safety Assessment User Interface
 Operation buttons for Safety Assessment Review and Safety Assessment Complete have been added to the Edit Service Request page.
Log-in Error Message
 Users not instantiated in the system attempting to log in will now be shown an error screen reading, “This user is not linked to any active projects in CoreResearch@Duke. Please contact your PI or Grant/Finance Manager in order to complete this process.”

Bug Fixes

Estimate Creation for PI
 When a core manager creates an estimate on behalf of a PI or PI-Delegate requestor, it is now visible to the requestor.
Unit Field Mandatory
 Unit is now a mandatory field for Service Task creation.
Manage Project Affiliations Field Look-up
 The Affiliation column in Manage Projects, previously allowing free text, is now only a look-up field.
Multi-week Blackout Periods
 Extended blackout periods are now displaying accurately on the reservation calendar when viewing latter weeks.
Fiscal Periods
 The Fiscal Period for invoices manually locked after the first of the month are now correctly reflecting the date of invoice creation.


Updates as of July 2015


CoreResearch@Duke Bug Fixes

  1. Today button on reservation calendar is fixed.
  2. PI Summary Report has been modified to display the appropriate core.
  3. Some credit total amounts in LV_JVDOCUMENTS were not being entered as whole “cent” values (two decimal places). This has been fixed.
  4. The manage journals list page was showing journals for all cores. This has been fixed.
  5. When deleting a service task from an estimate when there are multiple tasks, the detail tab is not displaying the totals. This issue has been fixed.
  6. The Edit/Set/Navigator links are now all functional.


CoreResearch@Duke Enhancements

  1. Improved system log in behavior and identity management. No more unexpected login pages or Shibboleth forced log outs.
  2. Core Directors and Core Managers can perform bulk loads (i.e. rates sheets and certifications)- training document available as needed.
  3. Project affiliation will be automatically selected and applied to all reservations/requests/service tasks based on the affiliation set for that project by the selected core.
  4. Reservations: Reserved By and Reserved For fields now have the users name associated with the NetID and is displayed instead of the Duke unique id.
  5. Reservations: Modify Reservation Date and Time after reservation request is submitted is now allowed.
  6. A Subsidy reason section has been added to invoice and invoice summary report in addition to adjustment reason.
  7. On the Project Lookup page new queries have been added for search by all active projects by account number, projects by FM, my projects, projects by core/biobank, projects by PI.
  8. In the projects by FM query, it now specifies that it is searching FM Duke unique id.
  9. Operations of Accept for Review, Approve, Cancel, Reject have been added to the Service Request maintenance page on the LIMS sitemap.
  10. Certification status and expiration date on certified users now displays on instrument maintenance page.
  11. Expiration date column now displays on Certified user List page.
  12. Help link has been hidden and a [?] is now the help guide identifier.
  13. Search for user names has been enhanced to allow wild card search “LIKE %John%”
  14. Two queries for Pending Services, Billable Services, and Historical Services list pages have been added. These queries allow query of service tasks by minor service.
  15. Tramlines and modules can now be turned off when it does not apply to a core.
  16. When logging out, a notification has been added that any unsaved work will be lost.
  17. The logoff icon has been moved to the end of the operations bar.
  18. File size attachment has been limited to 10mg. Error message is displayed.
  19. Added query on all user lookup list pages to search both First Name and Last Name together.
  20. Change Account on Services from both Request/Reservation maintenance page and Service List pages (pending, billable) now apply the correct affiliation, re-identification of applied rates based on membership/affiliation and recalculation of cost (both actual/billable).
  21. The requestor email address and phone number are now displayed on the maintenance and view pages of estimate view, estimate maintenance, service request view, service request maintenance. The email has a hyperlink to initiate an email.
  22. New columns on the services performed detail (service requests) for fulfillment date, date and timestamp when service task was marked as done, and fulfilled by (name of user who marked the service task as done) are now displayed.