2017-2018 Events

Events Held Fall 2017

Monday, September 4th: Information Meeting in LSRC A155 at 6:00pm

Sunday, September 19th: Lemur Center Tour at 9:30am. Registration FULL.  Learn more about the Lemur Center here.

Saturday, October 14th: Volunteering at Carolina Tiger Rescue. Learn more here

Friday, October 20th: Networking Lunch with Elizabeth Kalies of TNC. 11:30 talk followed by 12:00 lunch. Lunch Registration FULL

Wednesday, October 25th: Movie Screening of Virunga in Love Auditorium. Reception at 5:00, followed by movie screening and panel discussion. Event page here

Wednesday, November 1st: Conservation Internship Panel.  7:30-8:30pm in EH 2101

Friday, November 10th: Dr. Andy Read presenting on his work with Vaquitas. Taking place at the Marine Lab, but will be live streamed to Field Auditorium from 4:30-5:30pm.

Spring 2017 Events

Wednesday, February 7th: Environmental Law Event in Star Commons at 5:00pm

Monday, March 5th: Career talk by Ms. Bronwyn Llewellyn

Thursday, March 22nd: (12-1pm)Career Lunch with Mr. Greg Andeck of Audubon

Friday, March 23rd: Admitted Students Visitation

Thursday, April 12th: Oosting Endowed Event on Ecological Implications of Disease

Career Treks

NC Career Trek: November 10th (Visiting Triangle Land Conservancy and the Conservation Fund)

DC Career Trek: January 8-9th

2016-2017 Events

1) DCS Visits the Lemur Center

On September 4th, DCS visited the Duke University Lemur Center! The Lemurs Live! tour was a great learning experience about the challenges that the various species of lemurs face in Madagascar as well as more general conservation efforts happening on-the-ground. Did you know that a number of the Center’s lemurs are able to roam freely in its 85 acres of forest enclosures?

Student participants got to get up close and personal with some furry friends, including the descendants of Zaboomafoo. And we got to hear some lemur alarm calls when a hawk flew overhead–Way cool!

2) DCS International MEM/PhD Mixer

Our annual Fall International MEM/PhD was a big hit! We had an excellent lineup of 9 student speakers who have done conservation work all over the globe– from Madagascar to Mexico, from India to Spain. Their lightning talks introduced the group to a wide variety of conservation issues and facilitated engaging discussions over Mediterranean food and international brews!

3) Visit to the Carolina Tiger Rescue

On October 16, Duke Conservation Society took a group of students to the Carolina Tiger Rescue Center for a Twilight Tour. It was amazing to get up close and personal with these majestic species of big cats. We learned about some of the sad stories of how these animals ended up far from home and in many unfortunate cases exploited by people.

The Tiger Rescue Center aims to give these rescued cats a better home, educate the public, and promote conservation of big cats in the wild. To find out more visit carolinatigerrescue.org.

4) Warlords of Ivory Screening

DCS partnered with African Environment Initiative to host a film screening of National Geographic’s Explorer Episode: Warlords of Ivory. Thanks to Duke’s Africa Initiative for sponsoring our yummy reception from the Palace International!

The film featured journalist Bryan Christy, who investigating ties between illegal poaching and the ivory trade to some of Africa’s most dangerous militias and terrorist groups. He plants fake ivory tusks with GPS trackers into the black market system to see the path of illegal ivory trafficking in Central Africa. Check out the trailer here!

And a big thank you to Dr. Stuart Pimm, Doris Duke Professor of Conservation Ecology and Dr. Richard Carroll, former Director of Africa Programs at the World Wildlife Fund for a great panel discussion after the film!

5) Lemur Center Visit #2

DCS visited the Duke Lemur Center to learn about the conservation of lemurs. The lemurs are from Madagascar. We saw a variety of wonderful species such as the dancing Coquerel’s Sifaka, the tiny Fat-tailed Dwarf Lemur, and the active Ring-tailed Lemur. We learnt a lot about their diet and their daily behavior.

6) DCS- Divinity School Dinner Seminar

DCS was lucky to partner with Creation Matters of Duke’s Divinity School and to host a dinner seminar at the Divinity School Cafe. Dr. Saskia Cornes of the Duke Campus Farm and Dr. Norman Wirzba of the Divinity School spoke on the intersection of conservation, urban agriculture, and Christianity. After dinner, students from both schools worked together to brainstorm and draw out ideas for the Divinity School’s new rooftop garden!

7) Red Wolf Revival Screening

DCS held a viewing of the film Red Wolf Revival in November presented by Christian Hunt, Southeast Program Associate for Defenders of Wildlife. The 2015 film covered the reintroduction of red wolves in Eastern North Carolina giving the Nicholas students insight into story of one of the most endangered predators in the world. Christian provided an update to the status of the declining red wolf population and answered questions from the students.

8) Triangle Conservation Career Trek

On Friday, November 4th, a group of DCS students visited three environmental nonprofits: The Nature Conservancy, the Triangle Land Conservancy, and the Conservation Fund. This was followed by a pair of visits, on February 10th and 17th, to Audubon North Carolina and the Eno River Association, respectively. Each of these visits was designed to give students a glimpse of what it’s like to work for an environmental NGO, to connect them with environmental professionals, and to let them know about career opportunities with each of these organizations. While there are other opportunities to meet conservation professionals at Duke, there are few chances to observe them in their natural habitats. This was a great way to help students imagine what it would actually be like to work at this kind of organization. Plus we all had a lot of fun!


2015-2016 Events

1) Volunteer Day at the Ellerbe Creek Watershed Association (Saturday, February 20th 2016)

DCS organized a volunteer day engaging Nicholas School students in clearing invasive species at the 17- acre reserve on a beautiful afternoon. With similar workdays with local NGOs, DCS is fostering collaborative relationships to engage students and the local community in local conservation problems and solutions.

2) DCS/Duke Environmental Alliance Undergrad/Grad Mixer (Wednesday, March 9th 2016)

In association with the undergraduate society Duke Environmental Alliance, DCS organized a casual end of day mixer bringing together environment-focused undergrads, MEM and PhD students to discuss environment related career paths, research and interests after college and graduate school. This was a successful event and the first of its kind to bring together such a variety of students.

3) Networking lunch with Judy Teague & Milo Pyne of NatureServ (Wednesday, March 23rd 2016)

DCS hosted a casual brown bag lunch with the professionals from NatureServe with the aim of discussing internship and job opportunities for MEM and PhD students. The aim of this lunch was also to serve as a platform for exchange of ideas, projects and collaborations with professionals.

4) Nicholas School Conservationists around the World (April 1st– 10th 2016)

DCS organized a fun activity to specifically engage international students and all those who have or are planning to work abroad. With a huge poster sized map in EH, students were encouraged to flag/pin all the places they have worked outside of the States with a few words describing their work. This was a great hit and was covered by the Nicholas School instagram page too!

5) Interdisciplinary approaches to Conservation (Friday, April 15th 2016)

DCS organized an afternoon of lectures aimed and discussing interdisciplinary approaches to conservation around the world. We hosted Dr. Brian Hare (Associate Professor in the Department of Evolutionary Anthropology) who spoke about ape cognition to conservation planning and how saving the planet requires cognitive science. We also hosted Dr. William Pan (Assistant Professor in the Global Health Department) who spoke about connecting conservation concessions and health in South America. A well received discussion based event, DCS hopes to get this conservation on interdisciplinary approaches to conservation going in the coming years.

6) DCS at the Nicholas School Earth Day festivities (Friday, April 22nd 2016)

DCS hosted a table of activities at the Nicholas School Earth Day celebrations! A fun game of categorizing flora and fauna according to their IUCN listings, DCS also finally introduced the official tshirt for the year and also displayed the Nicholas School Conservationists around the World map!

7) DCS goes to the Duke Lemur Center (Saturday, April 23rd 2016)

DCS organized a volunteer workday with the Lemur Center and also got a private tour! A beautiful Spring afternoon, DCS members and other students engaged with lemurs outside and learnt about these endangered creatures, threats, requirements and conservation work being done.


8) Sustainable Ecotourism Lecture with Kurt Holle of Rainforest Expeditions (Monday, September 21st 2015)

DCS was proud and happy to host Kurt Holle, co-founder of Rainforest Expeditions based in the Peruvian Amazon. Dr. Holle spoke to the enthusiastic crowd about running a sustainable rainforest company, supporting scientific research and partnering with indigenous tribes of the Amazon and making a profit. This lecture was a great success and providing Nic Schoolers an opportunity to learn about community based environmental management from around the world.

9) Social Innovation in Conservation (Friday, October 2nd 2015)

This was an evening of showcasing conservation projects that extend the social reach of the conservation field. Sponsored by the Audobon Society’s Toyota Together Green program, DCS hosted 6 speakers that included 3 high school students who touched upon a range of topics such as Urban Habitat Restoration, Pollinator gardens in Atlanta, the Youth Faith Conservation Network (based in Raleigh, NC), Fighting Invasives with a Knife and Fork and Storytelling for Conservation. The recording of the seminar can be found here.

10) International Landscapes & Conservation Mixer (Wednesday, October 14th 2015)

In order to facilitate an environment for collaboration between the PhD and MEM students at the Nic School, DCS hosted a mixer about the work students are pursuing in exotic locations. PhD students Natalia Ocampo Penuela (Pimm Lab), Cooper Rosin and Amelia Meir (Poulsen lab) spoke of their work and conservation in Colombia, Latin America and Gabon, Central Africa. In addition, MEM students Eric Smith & Nina Hamilton shared their experiences working in Costa Rica and Madagascar before joining the MEM program. DCS also catered an assortment of international beers which was the big hit of the evening.

11) Wildlife/Conservation Summer Experience Panel Discussion (Monday, October 19th 2015)

In collaboration with the Career & Professional Development Center of the Nicholas School, DCS hosted a panel discussion of the internship opportunities available for MEM students pursuing the Ecosystem Science & Conservation concentration. The panel included 2nd year MEM students who pursued a variety of internships that included the Stanback Internship program, research abroad and domestic to discusses and address queries when looking for a useful summer experience. DCS hopes that this evening provided guidance and better insight to all 1st year MEM students.


12) Networking Lunch with Bill Hollman of the Conservation Fund ( Friday, November 13th 2015)

DCS hosted a networking lunch with Bill Hollman, NC State Director of the Conservation Fund. As MEM students are actively pursuing internship and job opportunities, DCS was lucky to organize this lunch meeting to discuss with Mr. Hollman possibilities in the conservation field and eligibility of fellow candidates.