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DCS 2017 -2018 Leadership:

Faculty Sponsor
Stuart Pimm, Doris Duke Professor of Conservation Ecology

Executive Board Members

Shane O’Neal – President

My name is Shane O’Neal, and I am the President of Duke Conservation Society. I am second-year MEM student in the ESC concentration, and focus primarily on wildlife policy and human-wildlife issues in my studies. I interned at the Center for Biological Diversity in Portland, OR last summer, and am originally from Massachusetts, making me a New Englander at heart. I hope that through DCS’s activities we can expose other Nicholas School students, as well as the larger Duke community, to the wonderful and complicated world of wildlife conservation.


James MacCarthy – Treasurer

My name is Jimmy and I am a second-year MEM in the ESC concentration. I am the Treasurer for the Duke Conservation Society and currently study the impacts of hunting on wildlife communities to help improve community-based environmental management efforts. In addition to my academic research, I interned at The Nature Conservancy this past summer and supported their efforts to establish a wildlife monitoring program in North Carolina. I look forward to meeting all you Nic School conservationists at our events this year!



Gina Daniel – Secretary

Hello everyone! I am a second-year Ecotoxicology and Environmental Health MEM, focusing on human health effects of chemical exposures. I am a proud “double Dukie,” and spend lots of time cheering on Duke athletics teams! I have interned with Clean Air Carolina in Charlotte, NC and the Nabwabini Environmental Health Care Intervention Programme in Mumias, Kenya. Working with these community-based environmental NGOs has fueled my passion for science communication and inspired me to pursue a career in international environmental health and chemical policy.


Madeleine McMillan – Event Coordinator

Hey I’m Madeleine! I’m a second year MEM ESC from Clemson, SC and have a passion for wildlife conservation. In undergrad at Clemson University, I did tiger conservation and advocacy work and even got to travel to India for a tiger conservation conference. This past summer I worked for Audubon North Carolina examining policy and management strategies that would best protect threatened bird species in the state. I plan to return to South Carolina after graduation to protect wildlife while educating and engaging the public in local conservation efforts. I am the events coordinator for DCS and I love the opportunities DCS brings to Nic School students.

Amalia Alberini – International Representative

After I graduated with a science degree from University Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris VI I conducted marine ecology and conservation research in different Mediterranean countries. In 2015, I had the chance to participate at the Marine Biodiversity and Conservation course in Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute where I conducted marine research while sailing in the Sargasso Sea. One of the most exciting hands on experiences I had was when I worked for the World Wildlife Fund Greece doing Communications for a new Marine Protected Area in the island of Gyaros. 

Studying at the NSOE, I aim to gain a solid academic background and hands on experience in marine biodiversity and conservation that could be applicable anywhere in the world!

Chase Nunez – PhD Representative

I am an ecology PhD student in the Nicholas School of the Environment. My most recent work uncovers how soil, historic climate, and human disturbance have shaped forest communities so we can forecast how these species will respond to climatic changes. More broadly, this work confronts new ways to collect, analyze, and visualize high-dimensional data to better understand and communicate complex processes to diverse audiences.


Sky Bischoff-Mattson – First Year Representative

Hey, I’m Sky, a first-year MEM student starting on the ESC concentration. I’ve done fieldwork on a variety of animals around the world, from behavioral work and invasive removals to ecological restoration and wildlife surveys. Now, I’m hoping to transition to working more on the policy and conservation side of affairs. Looking forward to learning here at Duke, exploring the area, and working as one of the new First-Year Representatives for the Duke Conservation Society!

Julia Geschke – First Year Representative

Hi! My name is Julia and I’m a first-year MEM in the ESC concentration. I’m originally from Cleveland, OH but went to the University of Maryland for undergrad where I studied wildlife ecology and management. I’ve worked on a bat acoustic monitoring project, studied tern populations in the Chesapeake Bay, and tracked tortoises in the Mojave Desert. At the Nicholas School, I hope to focus on conservation of threatened and endangered species. I’m interested in the application of new technologies to study wildlife populations (camera trapping, drones, etc.) and the use of large, international crowd-sourced datasets (like iNaturalist and GBIF) to aid in research and management decisions for a variety of species.

DCS 2016 -2017 Leadership:

Faculty Sponsor
Stuart Pimm, Doris Duke Professor of Conservation Ecology

Executive Board Members
David Grace – President
Emily Mills – Treasurer
Eva Drinkhouse – Event Coordinator
Congjie Nancy Shi– Event Coordinator
Nathan Walker – Event Coordinator
Priya Ranganathan – International Representative
Chase Nunez- PhD Representative
Madeleine McMillan- Secretary
Shane O’Neal- First Year Representative

DCS 2015 -2016 Leadership:

Faculty Sponsor
Stuart Pimm, Doris Duke Professor of Conservation Ecology

Executive Board Members
Trisha Gopalakrishna – President
Erin Vining – Secretary
Meredith Wojick & Sara Mason – Events Coordinator
Yiyun Gu – International Representative
Chase Nunez – PhD Representative

DCS 2014 -2015 Leadership:

Faculty Sponsor
Stuart Pimm, Doris Duke Professor of Conservation Ecology

Executive Board Members
Erika Zambello – Co-President
Emily Blanchard – Co-President
Jianyu Wu – Outreach Coordinator
Ian Markham – Networking and Careers Chair
Emily Chapin – Event Coordinator
Charlene Wu – Event Coordinator
PhD Liaison – Ryan Huang
PhD Liaison – Danica Schaffer-Smith

DCS 2012-2013 Leadership:

Faculty Sponsor
Stuart Pimm, Doris Duke Professor of Conservation Ecology

Executive Board Members
Joe Lemeris – President
Alison Huyett – VP Operations
Christy Ihlo – VP Programs
Andrew Whelan – External Affairs Chair
Jennifer Moore – Research Chair
Lindsey Desmul – Activities Chair

Triangle Society for Conservation Biology (TSCB) – promoting inter-institutional cooperation in the Research Triangle.

Founded in 2011 by:
Stephanie Roe, Sam Baraso, Emily Myron, June Reyes, Cooper Rosin, Sanjyot Sangodkar

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