Computational Media, Arts & Cultures Graduate Programs at Duke University

Computational Media, Arts & Cultures


Creative Coding

 This workshop overviews the p5.js creative coding library. p5.js is a javascript library developed for artists and designers, allowing developers to quickly create interactive elements. In this course, we overview what can be done with this powerful library, and then jump in to creating our own interactive and algorithmic designs. This workshop begins on Friday September 22nd, and meets every Friday throughout the semester, from 2pm – 3pm in A228 Smith Warehouse, Bay 12









Data Analysis For the Humanities

Analyzing large text-based data is a notoriously hard problem. In this course, I will present topic modeling, machine learning, and natural language processing techniques to help researchers organize and analyze and visualize text-based data. This workshop begins on September 22nd, meets every Friday throughout the semester, from 1pm – 2pm in A228 Smith Warehouse, Bay 12

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