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Computational Media, Arts & Cultures

CMAC Rendezvous and Visualization Friday Forum

The CMAC Rendezvous ( is a regular gathering of Duke community members interested in exploring media arts, sciences, information, and cultures through informal project presentations and exchanges. Unless otherwise specified, we usually meet in the Smith Warehouse, Bay 10, 2nd floor, in the Collision Space on selected Thursdays at 4:30 PM during the academic year. (Fall 2012-Spring 2015 Archives)

Current Rendezvous Schedule

The Visualization Friday Forum seminar series is a forum for faculty, staff and students from across the university (and beyond Duke) to share their research involving the development and/or application of visualization methodologies. Our goal is to build an interdisciplinary community of visualization experts whose combined knowledge can facilitate research and promote innovation. Anyone is welcome to attend.

Current Visualization Friday Forum Schedule

In-House Workshops

We organize a variety of workshops in house to support Lab research activities.

Workshops Schedule

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