Computational Media, Arts & Cultures Graduate Programs at Duke University

Computational Media, Arts & Cultures

PhD Faculty and Staff

Being a Core Faculty member in Computational Media, Arts & Cultures means being willing to direct theses, co-teach the introductory seminar, and offer Lab or computational practice-based Practicum experiences to graduate students.

Being an Affiliated Faculty or Staff member means being willing to serve on graduate committees or act as an additional advisor, as well as teaching courses potentially relevant to the program. The CMAC group welcomes a wide range of additional Faculty and Staff Affiliates from across campus and beyond.

Core Graduate Faculty:

  • Thomas DeFrantz (African and African American Studies, Dance, Theater, Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies, and SLIPPAGE Lab)
  • Maurizio Forte (Classical Studies and AAH&VS, and Dig@Lab)
  • Mark Hansen (Literature and AAH&VS, and Speculative Sensation Lab)
  • Regis Kopper (Mechanical Engineering and Material Science, Computer Science, and DiVE Director)
  • Pedro Lasch (AAH&VS and FHI Social Practice Lab)
  • Scott Lindroth (Music, VP of the Arts)
  • Mark Olson (AAH&VS and Speculative Sensation Lab)
  • Bill Seaman (AAH&VS and Emergence Lab)
  • John Supko (Music and Emergence Lab)
  • Victoria Szabo (AAH&VS, ISS, FHI Digital Humanities Initiative/PhD Lab in Digital Knowledge, and Information Science + Studies Lab)
  • Hans Van Miegroet (AAH&VS and Duke Art, Law, and Markets Initiative)

Affiliated Faculty and Staff:

Technical/Research Consultants: (collaborate on theory-practice course modules, Labs, and workshops; may also teach undergraduate courses that cover relevant material)

  • Hannah Jacobs, Digital Humanities Teaching and Research Consultant, Wired! Lab
  • Matthew Kenney, IT Analyst, Computational Media, Arts & Cultures
  • Eric Monson, Data Visualization Analyst, Duke Libraries
  • David Zielinski (DiVE Research and Development Engineer)
  • Angela Zoss, Senior Data Visualization Analyst, Duke Libraries

Franklin Humanities Institute Partners:

  • Deborah Jenson, Professor of Romance Studies and Director, Franklin Humanities Institute
  • David Bell, Professor of Romance Studies and Co-Director, PhD Lab in Digital Knowledge, Franklin Humanities Institute
  • Christina Chia, Associate Director, Franklin Humanities Institute

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