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MA Thesis Proposal Outline

Outline for MA Thesis Proposal

  • Title:
  • Thesis Advisor/Director:
  • Proposed Thesis Committee Members (graduate faculty):
  • Additional Advisors:
  • Abstract:

1. What:
My study will address…It will also seek to make sense of…I will also explore…

first paragraph: TOPIC PARAGRAPH

clearly state what you are undertaking

2. Why:
The importance of this project to the greater political and cultural environment…The centrality of the topic of…for understanding…

One paragraph

why is it important
what are the implications of the project
what does the project reveal

3. Who:
The background for this topic: what is the previous work in this area (refer to bibliography)

A couple of paragraphs

position yourself in the existing literature and contribution to the field: how does your proposed research fit in with the broader state of the relevant field; how has the topic been treated (or overlooked) by previous scholars, what contribution is the proposed study intended to make in relation to current knowledge?

4. How:
My thesis will consist of these sections, each addressing a particular aspect of.. I will propose …and to support this claim…I will also produce/examine… The second part will address…This section will specifically deal with…The third part will consider … …The fourth chapter of my thesis, then…my conclusion will …
include the names of relevant artists/visual/computational material one is going to investigate, works, theories, concepts, and institutions/archives

how the dissertation will construct its argument. What are the substantive intellectual questions? How will they be addressed, and what sort of conclusions does the candidate – if only provisionally – anticipate reaching?

5. Time schedule

The majority of my work will be carried out in …..

proposed travel (if relevant)

6. Bibliography


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