Computational Media, Arts & Cultures Graduate Programs at Duke University

Computational Media, Arts & Cultures

MA Program

MA Program Requirements

Formal requirements for successful completion of the Computational Media  track of the MA in Digital Art History/Computational Media are as follows:

10 courses, including Practicum Courses, and 2 max undergraduate courses, on approval.


Digital Art History/Computational Media Proseminar (first semester)  [1]

One Practice-Based course, such as: [1]

  •      Computational Media (Olson, Szabo)
  •      Historical and Cultural Visualization (Szabo, Olson)
  •      Generative Media Authorship (Seaman)
  •      Technology and Performance (deFrantz)
  •      Physical Computing (Gessler)
  •      Designing Data (Herron)
  •      Motion Graphics (Salvatella de Prada)
  •      Virtual Reality (Kopper)
  •      Intro to Statistics, CS, or other related topics
  •      Other courses (including analog/studio-based) on approval of advisor

Two Graduate Seminars relevant to the research topic area;  [2]

Two Lab Practicum Experiences or Lab-Component courses [2]

Two Additional Electives, on approval [2]

Two Thesis Credit courses [2]



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