Computational Media, Arts & Cultures Graduate Programs at Duke University

Computational Media, Arts & Cultures

MA Courses: Fall 2017 Advising

FALL 2017: New students in the Digital Art History/Computational Media MA should enroll as follows:


  • HCVIS 580S/VMS 580S.01: Proseminar 1: Historical and Cultural Visualization (Szabo) – TH 8:45am-11:15am (Smith Bay 11, A233)
  • 1 Practice Course. Recommended options include:
    • ISS 305L/VMS 332L: Virtual Museums (Forte) – TTH 3:05-4:20p (Smith Bay 12, Room 228)
    • ISS 320S/VMS 326S: Unity 3D/Interactions (Zielinski) – Tu 4:55-7:25p (Smith Bay 12 Room 228) 
    • ISS 715: Historical/Humanities GIS (Triplett): TTH 3:05-4:20p (SmithBay 11, Room A233)
    • ISS 555S/VMS 5564S: Physical Computing (Olson): Tu 10:05-1pm (Smith Bay 12, Room 228)
    • other courses on approval of advisor, such as courses from AMI, the Center for Documentary Studies etc. – see the Department of Art, Art History and Visual Studies course listings/cross-listings
  • 1 Graduate Seminar (500 level or above) or other elective. Recommended options include:
    • VMS 565S: New Media, Memory, and the Visual Archive (Olson): M 1:25-3:55p (Smith Bay 9, Room A290)
    • VMS 590S: Topics in Visual Studies – Upcast Eyes: Visuality (Saliot): M 440:7p (Soc Psych 128)
    • VMS 620S: Models – Premodern to Posthuman (Wharton): Tu 6:30-9p (Smith Bay 9, Room A290)
    • ARTHIST 743S/VMS 743S: Anthropology of Media and Mediation (Stein): Tu 10:05-12:35p (Friedl 118)
    • VMS 549S.01 (Kwon): Techno-Orientalism: TH 3:05-5:35p (Crowell 108)
    • others on approval of advisor – seminar req may also be fulfilled in Spring 2018
  • Lab Practicum – A special kind of independent study designed to give you digital project development experience. It may be fulfilled as a supplement to another course, or be offered as credit for participating in a lab project.  Depending on your interests, some regular classes may also fulfill this requirement. You will probably finalize the Lab Practicum plan after your arrival in the Fall.*
    • VMS 793-01 – Emergence Lab
    • VMS 793-02 – ISS Lab
    • VMS 793-03 – DiG Lab
    • VMS 793-04 – DALMI Lab
    • VMS 793-05 – S-1 Lab
    • VMS 793-06 – Wired Lab
    • VMS 793-07 – PhD Lab/Digital Humanities

Continuing Students (thesis semester): Computational Media Track

  • CMAC 791 – Thesis section with your thesis advisor
    • CMAC 791-01 – Forte
    • CMAC 791-02 – Szabo
    • CMAC 791-03 – Seaman
    • CMAC 791-04 – Olson
  • Second IS with secondary advisor OR related course
  • Additional elective course/s (optional; required if you have not yet fulfilled other reqs)
  • Students taking the Information Science + Studies Certificate should make sure they have completed all the course requirements. Only two courses from the MA may be used to fulfill ISS requirements. 

Digital Art History Track

  • ARTHIST 791 – Thesis section with your thesis advisor
    • ARTHIST 791-01 – Olson
  • Second IS with secondary advisor OR related course
  • Additional elective course (optional; required if you have not yet fulfilled other reqs)

  *Note: MA students may take up to two undergraduate level (100-400 courses) for graduate courses. They may also/instead arrange to take undergraduate courses as independent study courses with additional coursework required, upon permission of the instructor and advisor.

International Students: International Students may be required to, and/or may benefit from, the English for International students courses and advising. Some students may be required to take an English course in addition to their regular course schedules.

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