Computational Media, Arts & Cultures Graduate Programs at Duke University

Computational Media, Arts & Cultures

Graduate Certificate

The Certificate related to Computational Media, Arts & Culture is offered through the Information Science + Studies Program

Students from AAH&VS, Literature, and other programs will have the option to complete a Graduate Certificate which will be so noted on their Ph.D. credentials. In Fall 2017 this CMAC Certificate is expected to replace the current Information Science + Studies Graduate Certificate, which has similar requirements. The Certificate will require a total of six courses:

  •  Computational Media, Arts & Cultures Proseminar (or another approved seminar; replaces the Critical Studies in New Media required course in the current ISS Graduate Certificate)
  • two core seminars from the approved Computational Media, Arts & Cultures list (consult the ISS DGS)
  • one Computational Media, Arts & Cultures Lab Practicum
  • two additional approved electives.

In addition, all students involved in the program will be expected to present a substantive computational media project in the Computational Media, Arts & Cultures Research Colloquium.

This Certificate, together with the activities of the Franklin Humanities Institute around Digital Humanities and the various Bass Connections Themes will help create a broader graduate student community around Computational Media, Arts & Cultures on campus and beyond.


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