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Install Fest

A one stop shop for all students of all CompSci courses to bring their computers and with a UTA’s help, set up their computer for a CompSci class. Get help installing Python on your computer by going to the Co-lab in the TEC building. This is not office hours, this is only software/install help you can get by dropping in during the following days and times (no appointment needed):

    • 8/31 from 1pm-6pm
    • 9/1 from 11:30am – 4pm
    • 9/5 from 9am-4pm

Alternatively, you can also get help by going to consulting hours.

ED Discussion

For asynchronous help with minimal direct interaction, post your questions on our Ed Discussion forum.

For ED guidelines, see here.

Consulting Hours:

Undergraduate TA:

Consulting hours begin on Sunday 9/3, and are scheduled from Sunday to Thursday. We provide both in-person and online sessions.

See this ED post for information on how to get in line for help.

  • Consulting Hours Schedule: 
    • Note that in-person consulting hours are from 5-8pm. Online consulting hours are held via Zoom from 8-10pm.

Graduate TA:

Grad TA office hours will be hybrid. You can attend either in person or online, whichever is your preference.

Maggie Wang

Tyler Zhang

Instructor Velasco:

Note: Instructor Velasco’s consulting hours aren’t limited to just homework questions. It’s also an opportunity to seek career advice, explore internship opportunities, discuss topics in computer science, get guidance on the course, and more. It is not just a space to receive help with the class but also for broader academic and professional conversations.

Visit Sakai to access this platform. Engage with professional tutors either instantly online or schedule a session at your convenience. This free service is available 24/7.

Disclaimer: Please be aware this is an external service. While I can’t vouch for each tutor’s credentials, they should possess knowledge of Python. However, they are not familiar with specific assignments from this class, so you may need to guide them through your task’s requirements. Approach this service with discernment and know that your session transcripts will be shared with me.

Make an Appointment With the Instructor or Teaching Associate

Fill out this form to request a meeting with either Instructor Velasco or Violette Walker to discuss any concerns you may have with the course or your progress. This is not meant to serve as help with class activities, but rather to reserve a time to discuss a personal concern you may have, big or small.