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REFLECT Forms: For each assignment, please fill out the associated REFLECT form linked below.

A Note on Weekends: Our autograder skips weekends for penalty periods. This offers extra flexibility for assignment deadlines. Check the table below for specific dates, keeping in mind weekends don’t add to penalty countdowns.

Notice On Blockly: Due to the drop/add period, Assignment 1 can be submitted by Sunday, 9/17, at 11:59 pm ET without penalty.

AssignmentREFLECT Assignment QuizRelease DateDue DateGrace Period10% Penalty Period30% Penalty PeriodAssignment Quiz Due
Assignment 1: BlocklyInside AssignmentNo Reading Quiz08/2909/0709/1509/18-09/1909/20-09/21None
Assignment 2: FacesReflect FormReading Quiz: Faces09/1409/2809/2910/02-10/0310/04-10/0509/26
Assignment 3: TurtlesReflect FormReading Quiz: Turtles09/2810/1210/1310/16-10/1710/18-10/1910/10
Assignment 4: TransformReflect FormReading Quiz: Transform10/1210/2610/2710/30-10/3111/01-11/0210/24
Assignment 5: GuessWord Reflect FormReading Quiz: GuessWord10/2611/0911/1011/13-11/1411/15-11/1611/07
Assignment 6: Clever GuessWordReflect FormReading Quiz: Clever GuessWord11/0911/2811/2911/30-12/312/4-12/511/28
Assignment 7: RecommenderReflect FormReading Quiz: Recommender11/2812/0712/08N/AN/A12/05
Assignment 8: CreateReflect FormNo Reading Quiz11/2812/0712/08N/AN/ANone

Assignment Submission:

  • All assignments are due by 11:59 pm ET on the specified due date.
  • Submission instructions will be provided with each assignment.

Late Submissions:

  • Submissions after the due date are subject to penalties, as outlined in the course syllabus.
  • If unforeseen circumstances hinder your course progress, please fill out the extension request form.

Starter Code:

  • Some assignments come with initial code. This could be:
    • Pre-completed files you’ll use without altering.
    • Files with functions done or partially done for you to complete.
  • Comments will guide you on which code sections to adjust and which to retain as-is.

Code Style:

  • A portion of your grade depends on your program’s readability, including style, comments, and variable names.
  • Each modified Python file should have a comment at the top, detailing your name and netID.
  • Additionally, provide comments for each function and significant code segment.
  • Use descriptive variable names: for example, “totalCost” over “x”.


  • If you believe there’s an error in grading (be it a lab, apt, or assignment), submit the regrade request form within one week of the grade being posted.