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Submitting Non-Gradiance Work

Setting Up

If you’re new to Gradescope, you can start by logging in with your Duke NetID: https://gradescope.com/auth/saml/duke

If you already have a Gradescope account not linked to Duke, log in with those credentials at gradescope.com first. Then click “Account” in the lower left and select “Edit Account.” From there you can link your Duke NetID under the “Linked Accounts” section.

Submitting Work

You will need to submit your work through a web browser. Log into Gradescope (a link is provided in the navigation bar). Make sure you log in with your school credential (see “Setting Up” above on how to link Gradescope to Duke).

Follow the specific submission instructions for each homework problem carefully. Typically, each problem will show up as a separate “assignment” under Gradescope. Each Gradescope assignment allows you to submit multiple times. Only your last submission will be graded, and late penalty will be applied according to your last submission timestamp. Each time you resubmit to an assignment, please (re)submit all files required for the solution, including those that have not changed between submissions.

Submitting Single-PDF Solutions

For problems expecting solutions that are documents (either handwritten or prepared electronically), you need to submit PDF files; Handwritten pages must be scanned and converted to PDF. See detailed instructions for additional help.

Submitting Multi-File Solutions

Sometimes you will be asked to submit multiple files for a homework problem involving programming, or for a project milestone. It is very important that you use exactly the same file names as specified in the submission instruction; otherwise, your submission may be graded incorrectly. Do not put your files in an archive file (like ZIP) unless instructed otherwise.

Your submission method will depend on your VM setup:

  • Local VirtualBox VM with VM/Host File Sharing: If you use a local VirtualBox VM and have set up file sharing between the VM and your laptop (see instructions on “File Access” at Help/Creating and Running VM Using VirtualBox/Vagrant), a browser running your laptop should see files in the shared directory. Therefore, just prepare your submission files in the shared directory and use your laptop’s browser to submit. There is no need to set up GUI access to your VM.
  • Remote Google VM: You need to make sure that files you want to submit actually reside on the machine that is running your browser. You have two options here:
    1. If you have set up GUI access to your Google VM (see instructions on “Setting up GUI Access to VM” at Help/Creating and Running VM on Google Cloud), then start a GUI session on your VM and use its default browser—it will be able to see and submit files on your VM.
    2. If you do not have GUI access to your Google VM, you need to manually transfer the files from your VM to your laptop, where you can then submit them. For instructions on transferring files between your VM and laptop, see instructions on “File Access” at Help/Creating and Running VM on Google Cloud.