When: TuTh 1:25PM-2:40PM
Where: Gross Hall 103
Instructor: Jun Yang
Grad TA: Brett Walenz
UTAs: Ben Schwab and Jesse Hu


We intend this course to give you a solid background in database systems as well as data management in general. Topics include data modeling, database design theory, data definition and manipulation languages, storage and indexing techniques, query processing and optimization, concurrency control and recovery, and database programming interfaces. Besides relational and semi-structured (e.g., XML and JSON) data, this course also samples a number of other topics related to data management, such as Web search, data warehousing, data mining, and “big data.” Programming projects are required.

Prerequisites: CompSci 201 or equivalent, or consent of the instructor. At the minimum, you will need CompSci 101, and familiarity (or ability to quickly become familiar) with the Unix command line (such as “Terminal” in Mac OS).