Writing workshop: Project Abstract and more

For this class, we will start with a presentation by Shao-Heng. He will be practicing his presentation for his SIGCSE TS 2023 paper “What Drives Students to Office Hours: Individual Differences and Similarities.” This presentation will serve as an example of what a polished Exemplary talk looks like to give everyone an idea of what kind of talk to strive for the following week. Note that Shao-Heng’s talk is polished by getting a lot of feedback from me and will not be used as the floor of the Exemplary standard but as something to aim for.

Then, we will have another writing workshop with the goal of writing an abstract about your project. These abstracts will be included in Prof. Stephens-Martinez’s advertisement to the CSEd faculty in the department, inviting them to come to see your presentations. Besides getting feedback on your abstract, you can get feedback on anything else, including your presentation next week.

Your abstract is due Thursday, 12/1 (the day of this class), at 11:59 PM. Your abstract should be 1-3 paragraphs and no more than half a page long. Formatting is not relevant since you will submit via an open textbox in Gradescope.

At this point, you’ve read many abstracts, so you should feel free to draw on what you’ve liked and not liked about those abstracts. The following should be included in your abstract:

  1. Why is it important? (1-2 sentences)
  2. What you did (2-4 sentences, e.g., “We investigated <what your data is> to answer <your research questions>”)
  3. What you found (2-5 sentences, e.g., “We found….”)
  4. Concluding sentence (1-2 sentences, optional)

This will count as 1% of the project presentation’s 12% for your overall grade.


  • Exemplary (10 points) – The abstract is well-written and has all of the required pieces.
  • Satisfactory (9 points) – The abstract has all of the required pieces, but some of it is confusing or vague.
  • Not yet (6 points) – The abstract is clearly missing one or more parts.
  • Unassessable (2 points) – There is an abstract but it does not fulfill the Not yet criteria.

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