Group Check-ins and Learning Theory in CS

We will spend most of the class period doing one-on-one group check-ins. You will have feedback from your prototype by this day, so you can use the time to go over this feedback. When not meeting with Prof. Stephens-Martinez, plan to work or meet with your group, like a writing workshop.

Make sure to fill out a group check-in slide!

In the last 30 minutes, we will have Prof. Brandon Fain visit again to continue our conversation from last Thursday. To prepare for the discussion, answer the following questions in your QQC Docs the day before, Wednesday 11/16.

  1. Thinking about pedagogy (apart from curriculum and motivation), what has been particularly effective and/or ineffective in helping you to learn computing theory?
  2. What is one idea from the reading that stuck out to you, and how could it be applied?

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