Core Module 8: Graph Fundamentals Part III

CM8: Required Reading Part III

This is a two-week module (the last CM!) with 3 class meetings (4/3, 4/5, and 4/10). The 4/12 class meeting is for the Elective Module (Probability Applications). 

There are three parts of required readings for this module, each (roughly) corresponding to a prepare quiz and a class meeting’s worth of material. This post covers the last part that is due 4/9. The first two parts are covered in CM8: Required Reading Part I-II.

One general rule of the required reading this week is that you can safely skip all remarks about continuous probability in the textbook. In fact, it is recommended that you skip them if this is your first exposure to formal probability theory (so that you can focus on the discrete part). These are the parts “highlighted” in yellow in the provided PDF.

  • Reading Part III: MFADM Ch. 8.5-8.6+ a small part of 8.9 – corresponding to CM8: Probability Prepare Quiz III (Expectations and Deviations)
    • Ch. 8.6 has a lot of stuff that are deemed slightly too advanced and not part of this core module (they are all highlighted in yellow). However, towards the end of it is the Chebyshev’s inequality, which is part of the module (it is highlighted in green, so that you don’t accidentally skip it along with the skippable parts). Its proof in the textbook is optional; we will prove it in class again using Markov’s inequality.
    • Speaking of which Markov’s inequality is curiously put in Ch. 8.9 by the authors; please take a read there. It is also highlighted in green for you.

To earn a satisfactory completion for CM8:

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