This post outlines what Exam 2 will be like.

Two different pieces are considered part of the exam. There’s the Practium and the in-person Exam.

Exam General Information

  • Modules covered:
    • 05 Probability
    • 06 Combining Data
  • Practice Exam – will be posted in Box if there is time


  • When: Wednesday, 10/25, starts 12:01am EST, ends 11:59pm EST
    • It should take your group around 2-3 hours to complete, but your group can take as long as you want. It must be submitted before the end of the day.
    • NOTE: This is longer than Practicum 1’s estimate. The Practicum 1 survey clearly showed my prediction equation based on TA speed as incorrect and I have adjusted it accordingly.
  • This will have questions from both Module 05 Probability and Module 06 Combining Data.
  • Working together as a group.
    • Group Requirement: A notebook has no more than the contribution or collaboration of a total of 3 people on it.
    • Your group can consist of 1-3 people, a.k.a you may work on the practicum solo or with 1 or 2 other people.
    • Your group’s members may submit notebooks separately, as a single submission, or broken up subsets (e.g., a 3-person group could submit 2 notebooks where one person is solo and the others submit as a pair).
    • All members of a group must be listed in the notebook. There will be a 0-point test case with three variables for the NetIds of all those in the group. If you have fewer than 3 members, the notebook will state what to fill in for the other variables.
    • Here is an example of what this means you may not do:
      • StudentA, StudentB, and StudentC work with each other.
      • StudentB and StudentC submit as a pair.
      • StudentA later works with StudentD.
      • StudentA and StudentD submit separately.
      • This is not allowed because that means StudentA and StudentD’s notebooks had a total of 4 people contributing to it due to StudentA collaborating with a total of 3 others. Moreover, StudentB and StudentC will also get in trouble if their code is too similar to StudentA or StudentD’s code because it is very unlikely they can provide strong evidence they didn’t work with StudentD.
  • All other details are the same as Practicum 1’s logistics.

Practicum Update

In-person Exam

  • When: Friday 10/27, during regular class time
  • It focuses on Module 05 Probability.
  • Bring a calculator.
  • We will print and provide a reference sheet for you at the exam. See what it is in the practice_exams Box folder.
    • You can still bring your own cheatsheet, just like last time.
  • All other details are the same as In-person Exam 1’s logistics.

Grading Scale and Points Allocation

This is the same as Exam 1’s logistics.