11/7Lecture 0: Introduction [slides]
Homework 1: VM Setup, Self-Introduction, and OpenRefine [link]
21/12Lecture 1: Data Cleaning [slides]
1/14Lab 1: Data Wrangling and Exploration [link, slides]
Team Assignment [link]
31/19MLK Day; No Class
1/21Lecture 2: Relational Data Processing [slides]
Homework 2: Relational Data Processing [link]
41/26Lab 2: More Relational Data Processing [link, slides]
(Slightly) Updated Team Assignment [link]
1/28Lecture 3: Record Linkage [slides]
Homework 3: Record Linkage and Fuzzy Matching [link]
52/2Lab 3: Record Linkage and Fuzzy Matching [link, slides]
2/4Lecture 4: Basic Stats & Probability [slides]
Homework 4: Basic Stats & Probability [link]
62/9Lab 4: Introducing Classification [link, slides]
Team Assignment Round II [link]
2/11Lecture 5: Text Analysis [slides]
Homework 5: Text Analysis [link]
72/16Lab 5: Text Analysis [link]
2/18Lecture 6: Prediction [slides]
Homework 6: Classification [link]
82/23Lab 6: Tweaking Classifiers [link, slides]

Project Team Formation [link]
2/25Lecture 7: Clustering [slides]
Homework 7: Clustering [link]
93/2Lab 7: In-Class Proposal Presentation
Project Proposal Due [link]
Project Teams [link]
3/4Lecture 8: Graph Data [slides]
Homework 8: Graph Data [link]
103/9Spring recess
3/11Spring recess
113/16Lab 8: Graph Detective [link, slides]
3/18Lecture 9: Visualization (Guest Lecturer: Angela Zoss) [slides]
Homework 9: Visualizing Congress Data [link]
123/23Lab 9: Competition of Homework 9 Solutions
3/25Lecture 10: MapReduce [slides]
Homework 10: MapReduce [link]
133/30Lab 10: Project Work
Project Mid-Term Report Due [link]
4/1Lecture 11: Graph+ MapReduce [slides]
Homework 11: Graph+MapReduce [link]
144/6Lab 11: Graph Sampling [link, slides]
4/8Lecture 12: Data Streams [slides]
Homework 12: Bloom Filter [link]
154/13Lab 12: Project Work
4/15Lecture 13: Ethics / Privacy [slides]
164/20Lab 13: Project Work
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174/30 (Thursday 2-5pm)Mini-Conference
Collage of All Projects [slide]